Monday, May 23, 2016

What was lost (for a third time) has been found (for a third time).

Remember how I lost a book and then found it?

Then I lost it again and found it again. (I might not have told you about that one.)

And most recently this past January when I was looking for it to take to the beach and realized I lost it again?

Well, I C found it. Right in the shoe box (where it belongs).

I'm going to keep in under lock and key until I can read it (I have one book due back to the library that doesn't have any renewals and a new Paige Toon book on my nook). Yes,I removed the plastic library covering. I paid for it. It's mine now.

Now I can actually read her first book before I read her second (which I have and was waiting to read the first one before I started it).

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