Thursday, July 5, 2018

a little recap

Let's recap the last week and a half, shall we?

C took Monkey to Wyoming to visit her cousins (although, she thought the purpose of the trip was to get her on an airplane...) last week so it was just the boys and me for the week.

Our first stop with GMac was a trip to Build A Bear.

We took walks to search for rocks for our "collection"

As well as walks in the 7:30 p.m. stifling heat.

GMac had some pool days at home and at Valley View.

And Dex took his first (tolerated) dip in the baby pool.

There was also some brotherly love (when GMac wasn't giving Dex sloppy kisses)

Meanwhile in Wyoming (and Colorado)...

Yesterday we walked in the parade (our float looked like something out of the Jonestown Massacre), went to the Upps for a cookout (and swim), and then saw the fireworks from the Carnival parking lot (a perfect distance away from the crowds and smoke). Monkey has worn the same 4th of July outfit for three years now. I'm thinking we can get one more year out of it. Watching the fireworks from the bed of a pick-up truck is a great way to keep the littles contained.  

Monday, June 25, 2018

the kids

Here's a one item update on each kid.

Monkey is making huge strides in her swimming as evidenced by the photo of her swimming across the deep end with her floaty.  She'll swim and jump in sans floatie in the three feet like a little fish and when the water is low enough, she'll swim to the four feet ladder.  She went off the diving board twice last week during swim lessons!

GMac is having major scared of the dark issues. He'll usually go to sleep in our bed, be moved to his bed when I go to bed, and then come back in sometime in the night.  He'll also bring a stuffed animal or toy (last night was his force field and cell phone. Any suggestions on the afraid of the dark issue would be greatly appreciated. We keep lights on, but his fear is that it's dark outside.

Dex loves to sit up when you hold him, so yesterday I got out the bumpo.  Dex loved it for the first few minutes, but then got mad that he couldn't reach anything (still trying to get this with his mouth, not his hands).

Friday, June 22, 2018

Police Officer-Man Graeme

We had the pleasure of dining with Police Officer-Man Graeme a few weeks ago.  He even went to the hostess stand to ask for more chips (his idea). This was his attire for the entire meal. 

Monday, June 18, 2018

Weekend Rewind


I can't think of a good opening, so I'm just going to dive right in.

Friday evening I took the kids to the Arts & Wine Festival in Grove City. 

Wine samples and babies.  

Saturday GMac went to a work thing with Emmy, then we went to the pool.  Since the water level is so low (yay for pipes bursting!) GMac was able to touch the bottom of the three feet without losing his cool. 

We had our Father's Day meal that evening because it just worked better for everyone's schedule.  Then we watched a storm roll in while Emily worked on Clover's puppy training.

Sunday we churched and I took the kids to the pool while C spent some time with Dex (Dex gets cranky in the hot weather). Monkey swam to the steps in the 4-feet (several times)! It's amazing was three days of swim lessons can do. 

I was able to spend 10 minutes reading with a glass of wine. 
It was heaven. 

C had to go to work after dinner, so the kids and I took ice cream to Mom and Dad's house.  Then I let them finish watching a movie in our bed.  Two things. One - GMac has been having issues with the dark.  Major issues.  Two - C's been working late for the last week and a half (like home around 12:30 a.m. if we're lucky - last night was 11:30 p.m.!! - and 2:00 a.m. if we're not lucky) so the house is a M E S S and bed times are also a M E S S (wherever I can get them to sleep) and Mommy is a bit of a M E S S.

Robes thrown over the foot of the bed
Orange tackle box full of Monkey's princesses
Far left - laundry that hasn't been folded in 3+ weeks (not exaggerating) 
Green bin of baby stuff for middle of the night feeds/changes. 

Thursday, June 14, 2018

4 months!

Four months ago, the very moment this posts, we welcomed Dex to world! We're so glad he's here. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

I was going to make my summer mantra "be present" but I'm thinking I should go with "clean up all the crap"

I get tired of everyone posting their perfect and clean lives and children on social media (I, too, am guilty of pushing the pile of junk out of the way for the perfect (to me) photos).  So in an effort to be more honest with y'all (I don't have many secrets) I'm sharing the state of the first floor as of this morning. 

As evidenced by the photos above, I should be cleaning, but I'm choosing to blog about the mess instead of making it less messy (because let's be honest, there is always some level of mess). 

I've been washing clothes, but I can't seem to fold them.  The photo of the office/quite room doesn't even do justice to the laundry situation as there is a load in the drier (that's been dry since Tuesday night), a basket in the kitchen hall way, and at least three in our bedroom. 

By "cleaning up the crap" I'm also working on a food detox of sorts (can't really do a detox when pumping, I don't think) so I'm super healthy-ing it up and cutting out a lot of dairy (cheese) and breads (but not all) and trying to cut back on mochas. It's hard to be healthy when you're running on low sleep (or so the internet says).

I've also started walking with Mom and Sanderson and biking (wow, that's hard to come back to after almost a year off). 

Here to a clean house and body*! 

**Still not showering regularly.