Monday, February 18, 2019

we got out of the house!

It's been a year at the Elsea house. Lots of sickness and coldness and C working late (not complaining, just stating). So as I lay in bed this morning I was trying to think of something different to do that one, got us out of the house (our days are becoming rather monotonous to me, I'm sure to the kids too) and two, didn't involve going to a indoor play place because a, it would be packed and b, GERMS (I've become quite the germaphobe since becoming a parent).  Forget the fact we'd be the ones bringing the germs because Monkey spent the end of last week with strep.  GMac is also sick. His throat has hurt for "10 years."

Then it hit me.  Art & Clay. I packed up the kids and texted C to see if he wanted to pop in to say "hi" as he was at work because apparently everyone else keeps working when the government closes, but I pointed out not as much for him because our office closed the courts.

Anyway, we went to Art & Clay.  Here's the proof.

Also - 

We then went for an early lunch (10:45 a.m.) in "the town we were in" because apparently Monkey thought we were in a different town than normal (she wanted to lunch on Main Street).

I got a new phone, so my pictures will sound better. Something about the old phone sounding like the songs were being played through a toaster (C words, not mine, I couldn't even tell anything was wrong with it). 

If you see me this week and I'm crabby, it's because I'm trying to have health snacks and not much sugar. Also drinking more water, but that's not crazy inducing. I'm trying to bike 25+ minutes a day too.  

I've been reading up a storm and it's taking me away from watching Live PD (really anything on tv). 

Thursday, February 14, 2019


Happy Birthday to our easy breezy, except when it comes to sleeping at night, Valentine's Baby!

This little guy has brought so much joy and laughter to our lives.  He's loved (a little too much) by Ainsley and Graeme (a little too much) and is almost always smiling.  He's a Mommy's boy, but, like all of our children, prefer Grandpa over anyone else.

Happy Birthday, Declan!

Monday, February 4, 2019

It's Hamil-week!

It's Hamilton Week!

C's long awaited Christmas present is finally here! We've been prepping by listening to the soundtrack, googling what we don't already know (that's me, C's pretty familiar), re-skimming through Ron Chernow's biography (that's C, too long of a book for me), and we watched John Adams (which, based on the soundtrack, seems to have really prepared me for the show). My goal is to not have to lean over every other song to ask C who is who or what the Mayflower Compact was (kidding, on that one at least).

It's also my first night away from Dex and after a week+ of sickness I'm ready for it.

Last week was the flu or a cold (not completely sure which) for all the littles with the addition of a double ear infection for Dex (realizing we shouldn't have waited six days to take him to the doctor). Fortunately, three snow days means Monkey didn't get too behind at school. Boy, was she ready to go back today.

The sickness means the house is a mess, the littles have cabin fever, and we're all sleep deprived.

But it's Hamil-week!

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Monday, January 7, 2019

Monday Randoms

This post has next to no flow, but if you stick around you'll read a story about me catching money in the alley.

I got a fitbit yesterday. You can read the longer than needed twitter thread on why here.

C and I are taking a trip to DC and VA in May (I told you about that last week) and I am so excited. I may be over planning it, but I haven't had a night away from the kids since who knows when (definitely pre-February 2018) so can you blame me? I'm planning on buying new Costco tennis shoes for the trip!

In preparation for sing Hamilton, C and I are watching John Adams on HBO. This is for my sake, as he is already a walking US history book. My brain is currently saturated with the most history it ever has been. If only there was a show to correct my spelling and grammar.

I'm trying to eat healthier. I keep starting and then find more Christmas junk food OR eat four rice cakes in one sitting. I figure I'll work on the exercise now and the food when I'm done pumping in a few weeks.

I'm done pumping in just a few weeks. More like a month, but isn't that crazy? The first thing I'm going to do is go to bed at 9:00 p.m.

Speaking of our third born, he is our worst sleeper.  It's still normal for him to wake up in the night. Just to say hi and then to refuse to go back to bed.  Saturday night we C spent an hour trying to get him to sleep.  Oh yeah, and he doesn't like to be rocked AND is my clingiest baby (not that I mind) so those two aspects don't help.  I think he's afraid he's going to miss something.

In a book update, I've finished my first book of the year and am working on two more.  One is a short story compilation by BJ Novak. I told Charles I wanted something different for Christmas that I normally wouldn't pick for myself (read, "British chick lit") and I'm quite happy with his selection.

In closing, today I walked to the bank to drop some money off for work (I wasn't depositing it, just dropping it off) and got an email that I had two books in at the library. Since I was just a block away and want the fitbit steps I decided to go pick them up.  I didn't have my keys or wallet, but that's not an issue, because I have my 14 digit card number memorized and could just use the kiosk.  But what I didn't have was a dollar ($0.30 was all I needed) to pay off my fine enough to be allowed to check the books out.  So I called C, whose office is on the alley corner, and asked him if he could throw a dollar out the window so I could pick up my books (I didn't feel like going upstairs and had a meeting to get back to).  Surprisingly, he agreed without a single, "I'M A PROFESSIONAL I CAN'T BE SEEN THROWING MONEY OUT THE WINDOW!" comments. Although he did want it to be from the back window, not the side.   I collected the dollar and walked a block over the the library.  Since I had to pay down the fine I had to go to an in-person check out. I told her I didn't have my card or ID, but I could tell her my number.  She told me she wasn't supposed to check people out without their cards or IDs, so I offered to pay the fine and check out at the kiosk, but she said she'd do it.  Probably because I knew my library card number.  The end.

Friday, January 4, 2019

2019 resolutions

I came up with some resolutions for this year. It's really a lifestyle make over, but resolutions nonetheless. I started the day after Christmas. It's an extensive list that will take some work, so if I don't make it everyday with all the things, I'll just try harder the next day. You'll notice I do not have "keep my nails painted" on the list. 

Read more - It shouldn't be hard to read more than 11 books this year.  I already finished #1 the other night.

Devotions everyday - I try to do this when biking.

Bike everyday (or take a really good walk come Spring/Summer) - Currently starting out of the slower end. Biking every day but not for too long. Gotta get in the groove first.

Eat better - currently focusing on NO pop and less mochas (dairy, really), more water. And will build from there. So far, so good.

Keep a tidier house - Wednesday was a good day for this  I folded five laundry baskets, baked some stuff (and cleaned up!), and had the dishes done while keeping the house picked up. My hope is this is easier in a month or so when I'm not spending two hours of may day sitting down pumping.

Be more present with the kids - This is my top priority. I'm going to try to say YES to more requests to color or play games or play paw patrol or today's request, dig for dinosaur bones in our yard.