Monday, October 24, 2016

baseball brain

This may be my most unintelligible post yet.

In case you couldn't guess, my mind is in a million places. I'm scared one minute and excited the next.

They're going to sweep us. or If we win we're going to continue their curse! 

We're going to be in Chicago while the Indians are in town. While needing to be in the hotel room by 7 p.m. each night will take away from our trip, I'll be in the city to support my Tribe! And C has suggested that we go to Wrigley one night and just stand outside. To be there. Because that's probably as close to a World Series as we'll get. I was hesitant at first, but now I'm on board.

Oh my GOSH we are going to the WORLD SERIES! 

Last night Monkey and I went to my parents so she could try on her Halloween costume. But first I needed gas.  We tried on the costume, she's thrilled, and couldn't wait to see it again this morning. We left and went to DQ because C said "please bring me back some ice cream."  We ordered our two cupcakes and a chocolate extreme blizzard, I pulled ahead, and started to look for my wallet.  It was no where! I must've left it at home. So I called DQ (while in the drive-thru line) to see if they take checks.  They don't.  I canceled the order and drove home.  Once I got home I remembered that I got gas on my way to my parents and then left my car unlocked while we were inside (because I always do that) so you can guess that the next logical conclusion is that SOMEONE BROKE IN TO MY CARE IN MY PARENTS QUIET NEIGHBORHOOD AND TOOK MY WALLET! Except they didn't. It was on the floor in front of the passengers seat. C was not impressed (not because I thought my wallet was stolen, but because he didn't get ice cream).

I blame it on baseball brain.

In other news (because I wrote this earlier), you know what distracts you from your World Series worries? A sick kid. Prayers for a speedy recovery (and that no one else gets it).

Friday, October 21, 2016

but, what if?

I've worn the same outfit each game. Except game 4 of the ALCS. I didn't wear my tennis shoes then (because I was at home). So I put them on for game 5 (even though I wasn't leaving the house) and we won!!!

I'm not superstitious, except when it comes to baseball.  C says, "You know wearing holey socks has nothing to do with how they play, right? They are winning because they are good." or something blah-blah-blah like that.

This superstition causes some problems in the upcoming week:

1. I've washed the outfit after each game. I can't do this when we are in Chicago? What if not washing my outfit each time causes the Indians to lose the World Series?

2. I need to change purses before we go to Chicago. But what if changing purses causes the Indians to lose the World Series?

3. I want to wear my diamond earrings, but haven't since prior to the playoffs.  But what if wearing my earrings causes the Indians to lose the World Series?

I know I'm forgetting one or two things, but this is what is currently worrying me.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

this is where i am lately.

Here's an update:

1. The Indians being in the playoffs has thrown me into a tailspin. I'm a nervous wreck 90% of all days. 

2. I have a "lucky" outfit. Indians undies, blue bra, maternity jeans (because who can be bothered with buttons and tight pants at a time like this?), camisole, '97 American League Central Champs shirt, a certain pair of socks, tennis shoes, red hat, and my jersey. I wear them for all the games. 

3. We're headed back to Cleveland tomorrow. 

4. The kids have colds. It's great!

5. GMac was up off and on from 3:30 - 5:00 this morning until I finally got him back to sleep while lying on the basement couch. 

6. The house is a mess.  See #1

7. My eating habits are also a mess.  Again, see #1.

8. I was going to make this for dinner last night.  Started the dressing and realized my ginger was moldy. Ended up ordering Olive Garden and quadrupling my dinner calories. 

9. I haven't biked this week. The streak is over. I'm not proud of myself.  Again, see #1. 

10.  It's fair week!  Monkey is thrilled.  I just want our street parking back. 

11.  This election has me all "KSJDN PW8 7Y5 W4HTPE9845NY AW4IUG54TWP857." 

12. We have a real, (not really) live family table on the porch now. Win! 

13.  Ten years ago tonight, C asked me to move in with marry him when I was done with school. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

I can't


...think. stop eating.


...calm down.

The playoffs aren't even here and they are unraveling me.