Monday, June 18, 2018

Weekend Rewind


I can't think of a good opening, so I'm just going to dive right in.

Friday evening I took the kids to the Arts & Wine Festival in Grove City. 

Wine samples and babies.  

Saturday GMac went to a work thing with Emmy, then we went to the pool.  Since the water level is so low (yay for pipes bursting!) GMac was able to touch the bottom of the three feet without losing his cool. 

We had our Father's Day meal that evening because it just worked better for everyone's schedule.  Then we watched a storm roll in while Emily worked on Clover's puppy training.

Sunday we churched and I took the kids to the pool while C spent some time with Dex (Dex gets cranky in the hot weather). Monkey swam to the steps in the 4-feet (several times)! It's amazing was three days of swim lessons can do. 

I was able to spend 10 minutes reading with a glass of wine. 
It was heaven. 

C had to go to work after dinner, so the kids and I took ice cream to Mom and Dad's house.  Then I let them finish watching a movie in our bed.  Two things. One - GMac has been having issues with the dark.  Major issues.  Two - C's been working late for the last week and a half (like home around 12:30 a.m. if we're lucky - last night was 11:30 p.m.!! - and 2:00 a.m. if we're not lucky) so the house is a M E S S and bed times are also a M E S S (wherever I can get them to sleep) and Mommy is a bit of a M E S S.

Robes thrown over the foot of the bed
Orange tackle box full of Monkey's princesses
Far left - laundry that hasn't been folded in 3+ weeks (not exaggerating) 
Green bin of baby stuff for middle of the night feeds/changes. 

Thursday, June 14, 2018

4 months!

Four months ago, the very moment this posts, we welcomed Dex to world! We're so glad he's here. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

I was going to make my summer mantra "be present" but I'm thinking I should go with "clean up all the crap"

I get tired of everyone posting their perfect and clean lives and children on social media (I, too, am guilty of pushing the pile of junk out of the way for the perfect (to me) photos).  So in an effort to be more honest with y'all (I don't have many secrets) I'm sharing the state of the first floor as of this morning. 

As evidenced by the photos above, I should be cleaning, but I'm choosing to blog about the mess instead of making it less messy (because let's be honest, there is always some level of mess). 

I've been washing clothes, but I can't seem to fold them.  The photo of the office/quite room doesn't even do justice to the laundry situation as there is a load in the drier (that's been dry since Tuesday night), a basket in the kitchen hall way, and at least three in our bedroom. 

By "cleaning up the crap" I'm also working on a food detox of sorts (can't really do a detox when pumping, I don't think) so I'm super healthy-ing it up and cutting out a lot of dairy (cheese) and breads (but not all) and trying to cut back on mochas. It's hard to be healthy when you're running on low sleep (or so the internet says).

I've also started walking with Mom and Sanderson and biking (wow, that's hard to come back to after almost a year off). 

Here to a clean house and body*! 

**Still not showering regularly. 

Monday, June 4, 2018

Weekend Rewind

If there are things in this post that don't make sense, I'm going to blame it on my typing position (instead of the normal me just being me).

Let's start with Thursday, because Thursday was Monkey's last day of school and final preschool graduation (she's graduated from preschool three times now). 

(It's no surprise I can't take a photo in focus).  

After her graduation we went to lunch at the OG (her choice) followed by a trip to Target to spend their money from Nancy and Gene (our very generous neighbors who gave them a gift card for putting their newspaper up on their porch a hand full of times.  Monkey chose an Incredibles outfit and GMac chose a few trucks. 

Friday we kicked around the house for a bit. Spent time outside, went on walks, and just hung out with Grandma and Grandpa Elsea. Our awesome neighbors brought over their Barbie Dream House, princess house, and three cars for the kids. They are in heaven.  We capped off the evening with a trip to Gyspie Joes. 

Saturday morning Monkey loaded up with G&G and went back to Missouri for the week.  C headed on a hike and the boy and I invited ourselves to Costco with Mom and Dad.  I am proud to say we are now Costco members and have started buying things that no one really needs. We had lunch at Whole Foods with Emily and headed back to "our city" as GMac likes to call it.  

Then it was time for our first trip of the year to the pool!  It went as most first trips go, with a broken baby pool meaning GMac was limited to the steps of the very cold big pool. 

 I mom so hard when I'm pumping.  Whatever keeps the kids in one place and quiet.

C hit the hay around 9:30 and I stayed up watching Friends until it was time for me to pump (which I fell asleep during - #winning). 

Sunday we went to church, lunch at Chipotle (GMac's choice as we're trying to do one special thing a day this week), and naps. Then set up C's one person tent (he says he wants me to camp with him, but if he really wanted me to camp with him he would've bought a two person tent instead of a one person) and hand burgers and salad for dinner. 

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

What's Up Wednesday

I've been meaning to post a Weekend Rewind. I normally blog while pumping, but I'm really into this book right now and haven't been able to get into a book since pre-Dex so I'm going with the book.  Anyway, it's Wednesday, and even though it was a three day weekend, Wednesday evening seems a bit late in the week to do a weekend rewind. 

What we're eating this week. So far this week we've had BrewDog (the boys were in town!) and cheeseburgers.  Up next includes Chipotle Chicken Bowls with Cilantro Lime Quinoa, turkey nachos, more burgers (or brats), and Teriyaki Chicken Kabobs (I purchased a marinade, but I think I'll go with this one instead). 

What I'm reminiscing about. When Dex was an itty-bitty baby. He pretty much has full neck control now and I've always thought that beingable to hold your head up is the thing that doesn't make you an itty-bitty baby anymore. 

What I'm loving. Summer is finally here! It really makes everything so much better. I'm also so excited that I'm into reading again! 

What we've been up to. We spent last weekend doing yard work and both mom and dads and our house. The boys were home and a chainsaw was procured so they went to town on our very overgrown backyard (the previous owner didn't believe in trimming the landscaping). While the guys were doing that, the kids were swimming (in the backyard since the View can't seem to open on schedule anymore). 


What I'm dreading. Folding all the laundry. All of it.  I have maybe a single basket of dirty laundry and five baskets of clean laundry.  The kids don't actually have any folded clothes in their drawers. I meant to take a picture of it for y'all last night because I think everyone should be more transparent on what their house really looks like, but I got distracted ironing Monkey's Perler Beads cat

What I'm working on. Potty training and poopy training (we've separated the two) GMac.  He'll pretty much stay dry all day (and naps and night) but we do have to put him on the potty (which he will throw a fit about) since he won't tell us, but he will not poopy in the potty or tell us he has to poopy.  I'm seriously thinking he'll have to start school late this year. Also, folding laundry. 

What I'm excited about. The pool opening. My flowers growing. Reading my book. 

What I'm watching/reading.  I've started watching Friends in the evenings after C goes to bed but before I'm ready to pump and feed Dex one last time.  I've probably seen most, if not all, of Friends, but I've never watched it in order and never watched it on Netflix.  And as I stated up top, I'm reading The Endless Beach which is a sequel to The Cafe by the Sea which I read last year, but had a very hard time remembering in my current stage of postpartum-ness.  

What I'm listening to. Nothing. C used my phone to mow a few weeks ago and couldn't believe I didn't have any podcasts loaded.  My commute is 7 minutes and that's the only time I have kid-free and I feel like I need a bit longer of a stretch to really get into a podcast.  So instead I listen to sports radio in the car. 

What I'm wearing. Still maternity pants :( I reached the point about a month ago where I can no longer eat whatever and look like I'm losing weight so now the struggle is real (especially given I'm in Mark and Abby's wedding in two months). I'm working on cutting out coke, then mochas (but not both at the same time) and also trying to either walk every day with mom or get on the bike (but nothing strenuous until I'm getting more sleep at night). 

What I'm doing this weekend. Monkey will be headed to Grandma and Grandpa Elseas house so we're going to try to do something special and fun with GMac (we'll tote Dex with us too). If it's warm enough we'll join the pool. 

What I'm looking forward to next month. Having Monkey home during the week, playing outside in the mornings, spending the afternoons at the pool, wine on the deck at night, basically everything that is Summer. 

What else is new. Dex (sort of - I had to settle him a few times) from 11:30 p.m. to 6:30 a.m. this morning without eating in between! Sound the trumpets! 

Friday, May 25, 2018

Crockpot Pork Chops & Apples

It's been a while since I posted a recipe. 503 days to be exact.

Our current go-to "nice" home cooked meal is pork chops and apples in the crockpot from my crockpot cookbook. I think this is currently C's favorite meal. I made it two weeks in a row because I was missing an ingredient for other pork chops and he told me he preferred these anyway.

Crockpot Pork Chops & Apples

Here's what you need:
4-6 pork chops
3 Tbs brown sugar
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp salt
2-4 golden delicious apples, sliced

Place the pork chops in the crockpot and top with the sliced apples.  Mix the brown sugar, cinnamon, and salt and pour over the apples.  Cook on high for three to four hours or low for six to eight hours (or in my house, until you're ready to eat as it's normally later than five hours.