Monday, October 15, 2018

Monday Morning Musings

Good Morning!

I'll be honest, it feels like mid-morning right now thanks to GMac waking up at 3 a.m. throwing up which is nothing considering he spent Friday night at Childrens' thanks to our very close friend, Croup. I tried to figure out if the two were related, but I quit. We're hoping he'll be on the rebound soon.

Grandma Elsea is here! So everything is already better.

So far this morning aside from cleaning up mucus-y throw up I've: washed two loads of laundry; packed Monkey's lunch and snack; did the dishes; made coffee for C because I dragged him out of bed to be on throw up watch while I pump; got outfits ready for the day; and had a cup of tea.  I'm hoping there's a nap in my future when I get home tonight.

Speaking of naps, I had the best nap yesterday on my old bed at Mom and Dad's.  Maybe I'll try to sneak over there for another.

Now I'm pumping while C sleeps on the chair and GMac snores/wheezes louder than kingdom come.

Happy Monday!

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Fair Days or: GMac Rides ALL The Tractors

This year the only way the kids were getting to the fair was with Grandma and Grandpa. It actually worked out for the best because they each got their own day and a ride band (neither of which they'd get with us). Aside from me not getting a sausage sandwhich, twisty taters, or a funnel cake, it's a win all around.

Thursday, October 4, 2018


You know what I don't understand? 

I'll give you a second to guess....



I don't understand why people are excited to get their kids back to school in the fall because of the schedule and structure.  

Did anyone guess that?

Sure there may be more structure, but there is also the daily lunch and snack packing; need to have real food in the house to pack for said snacks and lunches so it doesn't look like all the kids eat is plain pasta (it is); "going out of the house" clothes and SOCKS (the socks!) need to be washed and together; and the kids need to be in bed and then out the door the next morning all by a certain time. 

What about that structure sounds good to anyone? 

Give me laid back mornings with a slow breakfast, running around the front yard, afternoons by the pool, haphazardly thrown together meals, and lighter later evenings any day of the year. 

Monday, October 1, 2018

National Book Month!

You know what the best part of October is?

National Book Month!

I just learned this today and it made the pumpkin spice inundation so much more tollerable.  By the way, I celebrated the first day of October with a grande, extra hot Starbucks mocha (I was all out at home).  No pumpkin additives necessary.

In honor of National Book Month, here's what I hope to get through this month.

Calypso by David Sedaris.  I'm slow to read lately, but this has been very good so far.

My Oxford Year by Julia Whelan.  Just got this from the library.

Stretched Too Thin by Jessica Turner.  I saw Kelly Stamps post this so I also checked it out from the library.

In non-library books, I have Lean In that C got me for Christmas that I couldn't read during maternity leave and have started back up.

Friday, September 28, 2018

it's been a week

Anyone else glad this exhausting week is over?

Aside from the publicly exhausting and draining stuff, here's what the Elsea did this week.

We dog sat for Mom and Dad who went to Denmark for the week looking for Ariel.  Bad news is that they did not find her, good news is that Riley survived the week of GMac overfeeding her.

Monkey has been a rock star as usually.  Excelling at school.  Reading books. Mothering Dex for me. I know she'd pump too if she could. She's also become quite the barista (but can skimp on the chocolate at times).

GMac got hives on Wednesday, so we visited the wellness clinic which gave us basic Benadryl and Cortisone advice.  Things weren't looking any better by last night so we took him to the Children's Urgent Care and got a steroid (just we need, an even MORE energetic GMac) and stronger Benadryl. Aside from using his extra energy to break my double walled coffee mug this am (surprising only the outer wall broke, saving the mocha), he is finally on the mend. These photos are the post-over the county benadryl, pre-entire body breakout shots.

Dex hasn't pooped since I'm not sure when (definitely Wednesday). I'm pretty sure he didn't poop at the baby sitters on Monday or Tuesday as it doesn't seem possible to poop while screaming your head off non-stop. He's also decided to stay up later at night. I blame the constipation.

I can't be bothered to take quality photos during the day, let alone at 11:00 at night. 

Monday, September 24, 2018

the best laid plans

My plan for this evening was to get the kids to bed (baby asleep by 9:00 p.m.) do the dishes and some light pick up and then have a glass of wine while watching Bull.  I'm a Bull watcher now.  I originally wasn't because people told us C looked like Michael Weatherly, but I didn't see it.  Then everyone left town for a few weeks this summer and I didn't have anything to do and a rerun was on and I binged the first two seasons and I do see the resemblance.

Anyway. That plan didn't work out.  I got Dec to bed at 9:50 (after trying for an hour +). So the current plan is to watch Bull and do the dishes during the commercials and when the dishes are done I can have a glass of wine and maybe some cheese.

But first, you need to see these. I went down stairs to turn the lights off (Monkey can't, she's afraid of the dark) and found some of Monkey's name tags for her school.

Here's some I created for her. 

And her's. 

Sharky (GMac's stuffed shark)

I'm sure this student is the star pupil. 

And one more thing.  I was super set on having a super calm day and I'm pleased to say, despite the tea spill pictured below, I was able to stay super calm until about 9:15 p.m. when GMac woke up Dex with a non-emergency (we can't all be perfect). 

Friday, September 21, 2018

I owe you a blog post

GMac is currently watching Stinky & Dirty and the baby is sleeping so I've got about 5 minutes to blog.

The Browns won last night and if you've seen any coverage at all, you'd think they won the Super Bowl.

Did I tell you we got a mocha machine? The sophisticated people call it a Lattissima Pro (I paid less than the sale price), I call it a game changer. I can make mochas that are hands down better than Starbucks (gasp!) every single day   if I want to.  And I do.

On a related note, I'm not losing the baby weight I've been slower to shed. Definitely related to the now glass of milk I have regularly.

Today's the last day of summer so I'm going to force the kids to spend it outside. I'm now that kind of mom. Plus, I just prefer the outside to the inside. We'll do water balloons and probably work on expanding their city.

Much to our surprise, GMac is loving school.  Considering the kid had no desire to go up till the day before "meet the teacher" this is quite the accomplishment.  Yesterday he ran ahead and another mom helped him get his back pack put away because I wasn't fast enough.  It was also his first day wearing a tie to class.  He walked in, put his hand on his chest and proclaimed, "I'm a professional!"

The kid never slows down for me to take a photo.

Monkey is thriving in Kindergarten, but does love her "days off" which the rest of us refer to as the weekend. Yesterday I was able to peek in on her.

GMac rolled off the couch last week (this is the real story, not a made up on to cover something else more embarrassing) while I was trying to get Dex to sleep. The picture is right after the accident, a few days later it was actually much worse.  In related news, I've been nominated for Mother of the Year and will be accepting my award at the end of the month!

We currently have a zoo/police station set up in the playroom (which anyone else would call their dining room).

Dad and Emily to Monkey to her first Blue Jackets game on Monday night.  She loved it and Stringer loved her (he pushed an older lady out of the way so she wasn't in the photo with them). Monkey is signed up for a free hockey class in a few weeks.  Skating experience is recommended, but that's not going to stop her! (except it probably will.)

That's enough of an update for now (plus the baby is waking up).  I promise to have some posts next week. 

Really, I promise!