Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Weekend Rewind

How about a nice weekend rewind to start this four day week. The kids spent most the the weekend outside, but I'll fill in the gaps.

Right before dinner on Friday we got ice cream because the weather was just too nice not to.  GMac had what may be his first ice cream cone.  It's safe to say he's a fan. After getting sufficiently dirty outside we had baths and movie time.  We're currently watching The Secret Life of Pets (or "Ma" (Max) and GMac calls it) on repeat.

Saturday morning called for a trip to Starbucks and Donut World. C tried (and failed) to work from home so he headed to the office.  The kids played outside while I got some work done around the house (got a few screens on windows and straightened up the garage a bit...that's a long project).

Saturday evening my parents and Emily came over for dinner.  It's nice to have people over and not feel like we're all on top of each other.  We also had a Kids Baking Championship which Monkey won!  There is also a very cute video, but I'll refrain from posting it as the competitor wasn't wearing a shirt under her apron.

Sunday morning we went to church.  While Monkey was in Sunday School, GMac and I were watching the Falcon 9 rocket launch. 

After lunch we iced Monkey's cupcakes.  I, for one, am so proud of my icing. 

After naps we loaded in the car and took Monkey's cupcakes to church for the bake-off portion of the Chili Cook-Off.  I'm please to report that after some sneaky ballot box stuffing, SHE WON!! 

But she didn't want to win. It makes her "worried" (shy).  

Monday we went to Mom and Dad's (we walk) to make pate a choux (Monkey's been watching the eclair episode on loop).  She says "pate a choux" better than the rest of us.  It was actually a danish puff, but there's pate a choux on top so that's what we're calling it. 

After the danish puff was done we went to Schmidt's. 

Then we headed home to pick up the Danish Puff

And that was our weekend.  

See ya later, gators.  

Thursday, February 16, 2017

like most of my posts, there is no rhyme or reason or organization to this.

Twitter was A++ today.

Remember how I used to binge watch Big Love? Those were the days.  Now it's Gossip Girl (I just realized I missed an episode.  Nate was all "Blair, remember the debutante ball?" and I was all "NO!" so looks like I'm going back three episodes. How do you miss an episode when they are all lined up right in front of you?). Next up is probably Barney. Who needs Big Girl TV? Not me.

Baseball is back, the sun is setting after 6 p.m., and it's supposed to be in the high 60's this weekend.  All is right with the world. Or at least, that's how I'm viewing it.

Our house is slowly starting to feel like home.  Yesterday I was able to get some stuff done in the upstairs play room (some would call it a dining room, and I call it the dining room, but there isn't a single piece of dining room furniture in there). GMac immediately ran in, dumped his cars, and played car crashes to no end.

Pictures need hung and we're going to paint the kitchen.  I'm thinking with some "art work" on the walls it'll fell more like ours.

The kids are loving playing outside.  GMac has asked everyday to go outside. Maybe because it's easier for him to get out than it was before (as in, he can always see the door to the backyard)? I explain that it's too cold and he replies "oat!"  Sometimes it's even too cold for his coat.

I've started assembling my 1000 piece puzzle.  There is a lot of sand and water, but I'll get it done. I hope.  Of course, I finished the boat first. Easy-peasy.

Now that we're moved and settled (enough) I need to make a monster grocery run and start legit cooking again.  Now if I could just find yummy things to make.

Monday, February 13, 2017


Here's a quick update on the new house and other stuff. 

I love almost all of it, but the appliances.  And when you think about it that's really not that bad.  Apparently, the dishwasher was made to only hold plates (and I wash everything but my Le Creusets) and the fridge is a french door fridge, but the rest of the house is dandy. 

Monkey pulled the toilet paper holder off the wall while pulling off some toilet paper. It's now being held up with blue painters tape. 

Monkey is having issues adjusting, especially at night.  She's mentioned every day how quiet it is that day. I've explained each time that the new neighborhood is quieter than the old one (we now go hours without hearing sirens). The only house was so small that when she went to bed she could hear us while she was in bed. She'd talk to me while I was taking a bath or yell down to us from bed.  Now she's soooo far away that it's too quiet. We're working on getting some books on tape or something. 

GMac seems to be doing pretty well except for the few times he stands by the door asking to go. 

The swing set and the rest of the backyard toys have been moved and they are enjoying the warm days outside. 

Monkey is a big fan of Kids Baking Championship.  While the competitors are 10 through 12 she'll be competing when she's 5.  We're having a little competition this weekend where she'll be making rainbow cupcakes. Emily will be giving her a secret ingredient to include. Come taste the cupcakes at the Chili Cook-off on Sunday at church. I'll be making John Legend's chili. 

Speaking of John Legend, Chrissy Teigen is my spirit animal. She's my favorite on snap chat. 

We did Blue Apron this weekend and liked 2 of the 3 recipes (shout out to Emily for the box).  The final verdict is that some of the recipes are a lot of work (and I like to cook) for a so-so outcome.  The neatest part is the already portioned ingredients. We'll probably do it again when they bribe me to come back with a special offer. 

I think I'm going to call it a Monday. Have Valentine's Day Eve everyone! 

Friday, February 10, 2017

We're Here!

After a few days of shuffling back and forth, we are officially occupying only one house.  

And we have internet. 

Let the blogging commence. 

Monday, February 6, 2017

Because apparently I'm 17 (with a mortgage, husband, and two kids)

I've started watching Gossip Girl again. From the beginning. Again, because I'm 17 (and can't find anything better to watch).

Judge away.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

the blog posts that almost were (but for some, not really)

A few years ago, I think, because I can't find the posts, I put up some odds and ends from my blog drafts.  I think this would be round three.  I'm not editing or spell checking anything.  Some were rather short. Some Most make no sense. Here you go....

June 27, 2016

C's parents came out last week to help build a fence in the back yard. The guys did a heck of a job.


May 25, 2016

Titled: 1 year down, 14 to go

Last week marked the end of MO

December 2, 2015 

Titled: a look at my drafts

I have 26 blog post drafts.

Some are just titles with no words:
11 years (sorry C, that was probably about you)
Fashion Friday: I need your help


September 28, 2015

You know what I did all weekend? I watched the Pope.  I think I'm a closet Catholic.

I've read all there is to read on Wikipedia and I really like Cardinal Timothy Dolan (but did he hide money? I don't know).

I've been glued to the TV for the last four days, have read more than my fair share of wikipedia articles, know more useless papal facts than necessary, and have "attended" five Catholic services (is Evening Prayer still considered "Mass"?).  It's safe to say I'm not going to know what to do with myself this week.

Also, I'm sad that Francis isn't married because I think he'd make the best Grandpa.


Summer 2015

I know the blog has been suffering but it's been nice outside and the pool is open.

I started watching Scandal again (season three) and am having a hard time keeping the real news and fake news separate.  Today I went to check a story only to realize it wasn't real.

I've also started watching Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. Something is wrong with me.

Monkey is having pronoun issues. Not sure how to correct it. She regularly requests:
"Mommy hold you."
"Brush your teeth."
"Feed you."

We are still eating every meal outside. Also, Monkey is now giving directions on our walks, pointing "this way" when it's time to turn.

The last few weeks I've been debating making my own fettuccine alfredo. Anyone have a good recipe?


March 17, 2014

Titled: Things I don't blog about because everyone else blogs about them, but I still feel the same way.

There are things that everyone blogs about. I try not to blog about them because it's all the same. But I agree.

This winter = stinks.  It's been cold way too long.

Babies/Toddlers/Kids grow up way to fast.

The Buckeyes were bad this year.
Babies/Toddlers/Kids say really cute things.