Monday, October 14, 2019

Lions and tigers and T-Rexes, oh my!

We made it to the zoo on Friday!  The flu shot pit stop took 4 times longer than anticipated (yeah, I know, even a clinic takes longer than 15 minutes), but we were at the zoo by 11:00 and happy they took the picture of my membership card since I left mine at home in an attempt to make my wallet smaller for the day. So I called the zoo office and they send to have a photo so C went home to take the photo because I had both cards in my purse, and the zoo just scanned that photo all day whenever it was needed.

First pit stop at the zoo was the Dinosaur Island ride which was closing for the year. Some how I had never been on this with the kids.

This was the highlight of my trip. I love a good dam.

The kids were great at identifying the different dinosaurs. Turns out watching tv does teach you some stuff. Thanks, Dino Dina! 

Dex's first trip. Not too sure. 

We ran into Monkey's friends from Kindergarten! 

And his second trip. Definitely not a fan. This was before he ended up in my lap covered in a blanket with the tag pushed up against his face (his choice of comfort). 

Hey, Mommy! Take my picture but I will not look at you while you take it! 

 Forget getting their pictures with actual live animals, the kids stop at of these and ask to have their photo taken. 

A rainbow tiger spotted in the wild.

Not one to have his face painted, GMac went with tattoos.

Would you look at that? Actual animals!

We ended the trip with a 4D movie that was a bit scary for the kids, but the perfect thing to put Dex to sleep for a long overdue nap. 

After the zoo, while we waited on C to join us for dinner, I decided, against my better judgment, to take the kids to Costco. I'm proud of myself to have made it through the entire day at the zoo solo without once being overwhelmed or having a panic attack. I can't say it went as well at Costco.  It may have been the enclosed space with all the people, or maybe the fact I was pulling a cart while pushing a stroller after a certain seven year old of mine was adamant she could push the stroller the entire time, "oh! and can she have this and can GMac have that?"

After all that, I really could've benefited form this weighted blanket and have now put it on my Christmas list.  

We finally met up with C who apparently took the kids to the Lego Discovery Center while I went bra shopping, because I found this while trying to decide what zoo photos to share.

I hope you enjoyed this weekend's Weekend Rewind! Join us next week when I share how Trunk or Treat went after procrastinating with the planning! 

Friday, October 11, 2019

IT'S FAIR WEEK (proclaimed the kids as I just begged to stay home)

Happy Fair Week!

The best part of this week is that there's no school yesterday and today so I don't have to pack lunches or snacks or feed Monkey breakfast (ok, that sounds horrible) or make sure the kids look presentable as we head out the door.  Instead, yesterday was, "throw on whatever you want, put on some shoes, and let's go." And we went.  I know I complained about not liking school routines last fall and I know they are better for the kids, but they are still hard on the moms.

We went to the fair on Wednesday night as Monkey was a finalist in the coloring contest. I have yet to see her entry and all I know is that it's a chicken, but I'm willing to bet it's a rainbow chicken. Maybe even with a unicorn horn.

Here are my stellar photographs of the ceremony!  But seriously, look at those clouds.

Today, assuming there hasn't been a change in plans, I'm going against my better judgement and taking all three kids to the zoo because I figure it won't be as crowded and I won't be as likely to lose them as I would at the fair.  But first... flu shots!  The more I type the more I'm thinking this is all a horrible idea. If we successfully make it through the flu shots and the zoo and no one is asleep as we pass Easton, I may even stop to get non-nursing bras, because I'm worth it (and I haven't been pumping for 6 months).

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Happy October!

We're one day into October and I must say, I'm not hating it. The weather is A++. I used to have a teacher who would give ++'s, which if it's a B++, shouldn't it just be an A-?

Anyway, yesterday it was in the 90s. A step outside and it hits you in the face and you're immediately sweating type of day.  There were heat warnings and temps were 25-30 degrees above normal.  The kids played in the hose and water table. I loved it.  Today's supposed to be more of the same.  In a few days we'll have in regular Fall weather and all the pumpkin and scarf fanatics will be in heaven while I'm trying to squeeze into the jeans I own. Ugh.

I just finished The Bookish Life of Nina Hill.  Loved it.  Now moving on to When We Believed in Mermaids.

I'm also re-watching The Great British Baking Show. A new episode is released every Friday so I'm watching those too, but in between I'm re-watching the old episodes.  This show speaks to me. 

Enough about my love for warm weather and reading, little update on the kiddos...

Monkey is loving school. She's worried she'll be late every morning and is thriving in her class.  She goes to an enrichment class once a week.  She calls it "art class" since they are doing a unit on art. It wasn't until after we talked to her teacher that we realized it wasn't actually the classes art class. We like to avoid the helicopter parenting when at all possible ;)

GMac has started pre-school and has a love hate relationship with it. I think he secretly loves it and he seems to know all the kids and parents there. We're working on learning letters. Once we master them all we're going to the airport to watch planes land (poor kid doesn't get to actually fly anywhere). He's super excited to decorate for Halloween and would just love for us to get one of those tacky yard inflatables...

Dex spends his time climbing up on our kitchen chairs (they are the raised ones) and saying all the words he can. His current favorites are "WHAT?" whenever we call him and "Up high!" for a high-five. 

Ya'll can get back to your pumpkin spice lattes, we're going to enjoy one (or two) more days of summer.

Monday, September 23, 2019

Date Nights (Brie and Bacon Flatbread Recipe)

With three small kids and money going towards tuition, C and I like to have "date nights" which means we eat good food, have some decent wine, and watch a movie (or we could play a game, but haven't yet) at home.

Last week C decided to up the ante and suggested we make our food together (normally we get Maria's or BW3s or I make queso or crepes (I make a mean crepe).). We set out looking for something different that wasn't wings (because I think wing meet is gross) and found a brie and bacon flat bread.  Also, we didn't watch a movie, but instead watched Jomboy on Youtube. So much better than a move.

I'm too lazy to look up the exact recipe, but here's what we did.

Brie and Bacon Flatbread

Bacon (we toyed with using pancetta instead, but I couldn't find any here in borderline Appalachia)
Brie (about 2 ounces)
Shredded Mozzarella (about 3/4 cup, we shredded it ourselves and totally worth it)
Half of a pear, thinly sliced
Balsalmic glaze (my current obsession)

We warmed the flat bread up in the oven at 350 for a few minutes before adding the cheeses, bacon, and pear (our pear wasn't ripe enough so it didn't taste as pear-y as I would've liked).  Once out of the oven we topped with the arugula and balsamic glaze.

Then the kids came down and crashed our date night because GMac loves him some lettuce no matter what time of day (or night...10:22 to be exact) it is.

Friday, September 20, 2019

family "hike"

C said our family "hike" wasn't a hike or a climb, but a walk, but let me tell you, it felt like a hike.  Maybe I should exercise more.

After church on Sunday we took a Chipotle picnic (is there any other way to picnic?) to Rising Park. Then we "hiked" Mt. Pleasant.

We see you, Columbus!

Family picture

With Dex bringing up the rear.