Tuesday, August 30, 2016

adios, summer

We spent our last summer weekend at the pool. It wasn't bittersweet, just bitter. The weather here has been great pool weather, but the schools went back a week and a half ago, so there aren't any lifeguards. It's looking like the schools should just go back at the old times because all these kids are losing half their body weight in sweat due to air condition-less classrooms.

Monkey has made great strides this year and almost "swims" under water. She'll put her butt higher in the air to get her head all the way under. It's the cutest. Now working on her swimming away from the steps. She doesn't need goggles anymore(!) which is just what I wanted to hear less than 24 hours after taking her out to get better ones (her old ones were the only ones I could find in a pinch that year - sorta frog like and only cost $2).

GMac has made great strides in that his snack of choice is now M&Ms and no longer the smarties suckers. I got him a sucker on Sunday and after he saw it he said "no" and went back to the snack bar until I correctly guessed what he wanted. Speak, kid, speak! The kids goes to the pool to eat and drink my water (not his that I pack to try to avoid snack backwash).

We still have a week at the beach ahead of us, so we're not saying goodbye just quite yet. And I'm hoping for a warm September so the kids can still swim take buckets of water from the kiddie pool in the back yard and dump it on the pavers.

I cut my finger with a cutco knife this weekend. No stitches or tendons cut, but I knew this was coming. I wasn't even chopping anything, I was just removing them from the dishwasher (yes, I put my cutcos in the dishwasher and they are no worse for the wear).  The only thing I don't put in the dishwasher are my Le Creusets. Monkey was thrilled to get me a band aid and even more excited to watch me apply it. her enthusiasm is a bit concerning. GMac on the other hand was concerned.

I had a banner bad eating weekend.  Cokes on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and a food baby to show for it.  My biking has been consistent and I'm burning enough calories to make up for the mochas. Imagine how well I'd be doing if I stuck to water and tea. I'll reset on vacation. Promise. (Because the closest Starbucks is 25 miles away.  Maybe just googled that for exact distance.

Last but not least, to those of you so excited for pumpkin flavored everything, knock it off. It's 90 degrees out side. And not everything is delectable when it's flavored like a squash.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Monkey is a good farmer

Here's the flower (I'm told it's a zinnia) Monkey gave me for Mother's Day. 
She brought it home in May in a small plastic cup. 
It's now at least 2 feet tall. 

Friday, August 26, 2016

GMac's Lexicon

We keep saying that GMac isn't talking but he is. He has a thing for words that start with "B." In no particular order (other than "baba" because that's his fav), here's a comprehensive list of his "words." 

Baba (milk)
Gog-Gog (dog)
Buh (bus)
Buh (button - there's a difference in the emphasis in this three letter word. Promise.)
Wawul (waffle)
Ball (also used for anything you hit a ball with - tennis rackets and baseball bats)
Puh-Puh (please)
Wah-Wah (water)
Ba (bowl)
I'm done
Hi (hide)
Meh (amen)

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

What's Up Wednesday

What we're eating. Hot dogs. Brats. Grilled Chicken. Hamburgers.  Are you sensing a theme here?

What I'm reminiscing about.  The pool.  It's been a week and I already miss going during the week. How am I supposed to entertain the kids?

What I'm loving. I couldn't keep what I had for fear of a jinx (think sports, folks) so I'm going with the Kroger discount flower bin lilies. I want to live in my dining room. So good!

What I've been up to. I've been waking up at 6 am on work-at-the-office days in order to bike.  It's love/hate right now which is why I didn't list it as a love.

What I'm working on. Getting back in the cleaning grove.  Last winter/spring I did a more decent job than before on keeping the house cleaned up. Now that we won't be spending all our time at the pool, I'm trying to get back in that groove.

What I'm excited about. Early voting. I'm ready to cast my vote and be done. There should be a commercial opt-out feature once you've voted.

What I'm watching/reading. I'm watching Jane the Virgin while biking in the morning and working on A Good Year (want to read it before C and I watch the movie) and Playing Dead. I've read a few novels that center around wine making and am looking to find a few more.

What I'm listening to. Not much :( And I just read about how music is supposed to make you more chipper. So I should rectify that.

What I'm wearing. My new j.crew shorts which are now a bit too big. $12 well spent.

What I'm doing this weekend. Wine and Painting class on Friday night and Birthday dinner for Mom on Saturday! The big 40 (again)!

What I'm looking forward to next month. Taking Monkey to school. Not because she'll be out of the house, but because I get to take her this year.  I'm also looking forward to some one-on-one time with GMac while she's in class (once he gives up the morning nap, that is).

What else is new. We surprised Monkey last night and made the trek to Columbus to get her Welliewisher. She had no idea until we were standing in front of the "American Doll Store." It was the cutest. There really is nothing like watching life through your kids' eyes.  Ashlyn is officially a member of the Elsea family (and we are official American Girl Doll people - even C was on board for buying the extra jammies and brush).

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Weekend Rewine

I'm going to let that typo go because we watched Somm: Into the Bottle this weekend and it was great. 

Friday evening we dropped the Monkey off with my sister for an evening of "boating" (intertubing) in London (yes, they have a lake) followed by a sleepover at Emmy's new house! 

We took GMac to BD's (when all else fails or there are no other good ideas, go to BD's) and Barnes & Noble where he thrived as an only child. 

Once we got back home and had him down we watched some Olympic relays before making popcorn and opening an expensive (to us) bottle of red wine and watching the first half of Somm: Into the Bottle (we're old and can't make it up for an entire movie if we start it after 10 pm). I've never felt so bad about having popcorn and wine (a regular for us).

Saturday morning GMac and I got up early (his idea) and went to Starbucks. No new Starbucks for Life tokens were earned. We had breakfast on the porch and GMac played in the dirt. He also got to drive the "bus!"

I went to the picked over library book sale (I'll be spending $5 next year to be a "friend" and get in early) where I purchased two questionable books for myself, a good one for C, a questionable one for C, two Clifford books for the kids, If Yoj Give A Mouse A Cookie, and some videos for the car. The real takeaway was someone farted at the book sale it and reeked! 

We took GMac to the pool and I stayed a bit longer to read (my fave summer activity). Once Mobkey and Emmy were back in town we crashed dinner with my parents and topped off the evening with "Gipy Joes."  C and I finished Somm: Into the Bottle and hit the hay. The problems with that film is that the next time you go to watch something it's no nearly as good as the last thing you watched. 

Sunday we went to church and then Moneky and I went to the pool (too cool) and the grocery.

When we got back I biked. She skipped her nap and GMac only had one nap. You can imagine how the evening went. We also made runs to Sonic (appetizers, duh) and the donut shop (dessert of choice in the summer. Judge away people. We're soaking up the last days of summer. (I know, we have a month left and even hen still warm temps.) 

We're a few weeks away from the beach which is getting more and more exciting by the day. 

Friday, August 19, 2016

The one with with the <s>crucifix</s> amulet.

Monkey: It's my magical amulet!
Me: It's a crucifix. 
Monkey: I'm going to pretend it my magical amulet. It'll protect me! 

final 6 photo dump

I stopped naming my apple products with George II (maybe, after W?). We just go by the numbers now.  Here are a few of the last photos from the last phone before it met an untimely death in the Saint Mary's parking lot. Maybe it was karma for parking where I shouldn't? Nah, that catholics are so nice.

The last photo.  Taken as I was walking to JFS and realized I wouldn't make it back dry.  Thankfully, C works halfway inbetween my office and JFS so I was able to borrow his car for the commute. I also got a coke. #winning

95% of the time we go somewhere, if you're not carrying GMac he'll plop himself down on the steps and sit there. So content with no intention of getting in the bus. 

Last week day picnic at the pool. Thanks for wearign my kids out, Valley View!

We're a little late to the prisma app, but we're loving it.