Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Monday, September 26, 2016

Weekend Rewind

Happy Monday everyone! I don't know about you, but my Monday started with getting up several times with a sick-o one year old and the espresso machine at Kroger's being broken. Here's to hoping that's not a sign for the rest of the week.

Friday evening we took the kids and Grandma Elsea to Buckeye Lake (I think I can count on one hand the number of times I've been there) to see the BOATS! at the marina and go to dinner for Grandma Elsea's birthday.


We ate at the Buckeye Lake Winery which did not disappoint. The amount of cheese they offer is to die for! I went with a small plate of brie and apples and french bread. I'm salivating as I type this. There were also goats, a chicken coop (guess the chickens had seen their finals days and ended up as a special?), and a car being towed that had a tree (guessing) fall on it so the kids were in heaven as well.

We spent the rest of the evening looking at boat books (GMac has a problem and now so does Daddy).

Saturday morning Monkey woke up with a cold (really, she woke up with in Friday afternoon).  We knew she didn't feel well when she declined taking Grandma to the airport (when Grandma is here nothing else matters) and instead wanted to visit Riley so while C and GMac made an airport run we grabbed some Starbucks, visited Riley, did our grocery shopping, and took a walk to see the burned out grandstand. C and GMac stopped at Giant Eagle on their way home for fiesta salsa dip to have while we watch the debate Monday night.

"Taking pictures" of the destruction with her reading light. 

By Saturday evening GMac had been bit by the fussy bug/a case of the cold, but we went downtown for the Fall Festival anyway because they had face painting! and Monkey never misses an opportunity to get her face painted.  Sadly, they could not paint her face to look like Ariel, so she went with a small Hello Kitty. We returned home and watched Frozen (and it looks like we're getting back into Frozen mode a bit).

After the kids were down we had some fiesta salsa dip (leaving half for Monday - tonight) and watched a Chef's Table (if you haven't seen this, see it!).

GMac and his cold were up before the sun on Sunday morning (were talking 4:52 a.m.) which means so was Mommy. Some kids sleep longer when they are sick, this one wakes up even earlier. We lounged on the couch watching Disney Jr. while I tried to catch a few more winks until it was a  socially acceptable time for a Sunday morning trip to Starbucks and Tim Horton's.

While Monkey was in Sunday School, GMac and I drove the streets of Lancaster until he fell asleep.  Then we church and Chipotle-d (because I didn't feel like doing the pancakes I'd offered earlier due to my sleep deprivation).  The kids and I napped while C did work and then we ate the best caramel apples ever. I'm not kidding here folks. The best. Shout out and thanks to Mom and Dad for those!

We're trying to detox this week so I made Skinny Taste's Asian Lettuce Wrap Chicken Chopped Salad (the current fave in our house). Pretty much all of her recipes are amazing.

After dinner we switched around GMac car seat (ok, folks, he's not quite two, but he's rather large, he should be fine) and took a ride around town in search of my tea (no luck) and ice cream (it was touch and go due to slooooooow service, but Gypsy Joe's came through).

We then canceled out the detox by finishing off the fiesta salsa dip after the kids went to bed.  So if you're keep track of the salsa fiesta dip, there is none left for tonight which means we cant' watch the debate. Bummer.

That's okay because we both agreed we already knew who we are voting for and watching will just infuriate us more (seriously, how can an election cause so much anxiety?!).

So instead we'll be watching the Indians (hopefully. fingers crossed. this better not jinx them. I should just keep my mouth shut.) clinch the division!


Thursday, September 22, 2016

Monday, Monday Thursday, Thursday

Looks like another week has started. Here's how we ended the last one. 

Friday evening we ate leftover spaghetti and did nothing memorable. C finished watching a movie and I read. Exciting times! 

Saturday morning we Starbucks-ed and got ready for Grandma Elsea to arrive. GMac and I headed to Emily's for party prep and C stayed back with Monkey to go pick up grandma. I'd show you pics from the day but all I have is one of GMac sitting on her bed watching tv wearing a t-shirt and diaper.

So... yeah... didn't get the above posted on Monday. Turns out the blogger app (which I don't think they've supported for years) on the iPhone does not work at all in iOS 10. So much for multitasking. Looks like I'm just going to have to actually pay attention to the kids when I sit in the adirondack chairs while they are playing outside.

I'm really starting to get excited about our Chicago trip (I have been for a while, really).  Just can't figure out where to stay.  We'd like to stay in Oak Park area but there aren't really any good hotels and we missed out on a great Air B&B.

I'm starting to not get excited/dread/worry about November 8th and that's all I'm going to say about that. I just. I can't. *Sigh*

The Indians are trucking along. It's not over until it's over (magic number is 5), but things are looking good, folks!

I made an eh recipe last night.  Very salty and not recommended.

This post has been a nothing post at it's best. But I wanted to let you know we are still alive and kicking on East Allen and also to tell you not to make those pot sticker noodles. 

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Try to stay with me here.

As usual with my word/non-picture posts, the following is like taking a Sunday drive with no destination in mind. Please keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times.

You know what sounds good? A Sunday drive through Fairfield County.

We hooked up the bike cart at the beach and took the kids for some rides. Monkey always requested a "Please keep your arms and legs in the vehicle at all times" followed by "thank you for taking a bike ride with Daddy, we hope you come again soon!" at the conclusion of the rides.

The first days of post-vacation re-entry are always the hardest. Ugh. Crabby kids. Crabby parents. First days of school where Mommy is actually doing pick-up and drop-off. There's a whole new routine to get in to. It's been a week. I did make cupcakes yesterday and found that to be semi-therapeutic, so there's that.

GMac has had a particularly rough time readjusting. Not sure what gives, but he's been a real fussy pants. He's definitely more work than Monkey was at this age, but we're up for the challenge and love him the same none-the-less!

Monkey is loving pre-school (again). She seems to have a lot more energy this year than she did last year. I suppose that's growing up.

I kept up biking on vacation. I use that term very loosely as some days it was just a trip around the marsh. But I did it every day.  Re-entry in the daily biking hasn't been too bad. Other than not wanting to wake up.

The other night while laying/lying in bed I thought of the funniest post. I thought maybe I should write it down, but alas, I didn't. This isn't a Seinfeld thing where he can't remember and then does and it turns out to be horribly not funny. This one was good. But it's gone.

I think my new odd obsession may be National Forests. Not visiting them or anything, but how they work. What percentage has be owned by the federal government? Do private land owners have regulations they have to follow to be in the forest? Do they get tax breaks? I could go on and on.

Grandma Elsea is coming this weekend and we're having a housewarming at Emily's house on Saturday. I'm looking forward to sleeping in on October 1st (yeah, I had to look at a calendar for that).

And that concludes our Sunday drive. Thank you for riding and come again soon!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

the beach, by the numbers

9 - alligators spotted on a single cart ride

8 - days spent in the sun and sand

8 - bike rides (the daily biking streak continues!)

7 - books read

5 - days of sharks in the water, so cool!

5 - bottles of wine purchased as "souvenirs"

4 - relaxed & renewed Elseas

3 - early, I'm talking 4 am, wake-ups by GMac

2 - pairs of new jeans purchased from the gap (because, when in the south....)

1 - rattlesnake under the golf cart

Monday, September 12, 2016

first day of doves preschool

Monkey had her first day of Doves Preschool today. This year her class is huge (18ish kids). Monkey is in the same classroom and when she found out said, "but I was in this class when I was free!" I explained the teacher was different and it was different days and she seemed ok with that response. Her bff/partner in crime "Little Emily" is also in her class so she's thrilled.  

Side note: As we walked in the narthex a little boy asked C if he was their "Chapel leader" :)