Wednesday, October 31, 2018

What's in the bag?!?

Every time I go somewhere over a meal time or for more than five hours I haul my pumping bag with me.  

Here's what's in my bag that should be in my bag. 

Electricity sources (car port and battery back)
Bag of bottle parts
Cooler with cooling element

And here is what was also in my bag:

Pumping compatible bra (different from a pumping bra)
Fair program
Tumbler with tea bags, just add hot water
SWAG charger thing
Chicago bus
Oatmeal (gotta keep up that milk supply)
A book (had another in my purse)
Granola bar
Face mask
Detective key
Error medical bill for Dex
Beer koozie
Hand soap
Knock-off Lego plane peice

Friday, October 26, 2018

Re: we've been sick for two weeks and i'm SOOOOOOOO over it

A word of advise:  Don't get sick when you're spouse is neck deep in work that can't be done by another attorney (oral argument and brief). Also, live close to your parents. 

The bug got me on Wednesday.  Mom and Dad picked up the kids on their way home from Amish County and kept them until bed time, then took them again yesterday so I could take my first ever sick day and sleep.  

I'm wiped out, but back among the living. 

Now I've just got to find my appetite before going to brunch and then C's work dinner tomorrow. 

Monday, October 22, 2018

we've been sick for two weeks and i'm SOOOOOOOO over it

The blog post title speaks to my attitude towards returning to normalcy in the Elsea house.  C has a super long work week and is anticipating late nights and you know what? So long as everyone is healthier, I'm a-ok with the single parenting this week.

Grandma was here this week which was a huge help with all the sickness, but we also made her sick and couldn't do everything really, anything, we wanted to do with her.  Good think GMac is headed out there in a few weeks. Hopefully they'll be able to get out of the house some.

I recently learned of a show called Live PD and WHY DIDN'T YOU GUYS TELL ME ABOUT THIS EARLIER? I love it, I love it, I love it! I discovered it while C was out (probably getting food) late one Friday or Saturday night and I thought he'd get home and break down the show for me. Explain the charges, what the cops should've done, etc. Nope.  His response, "that's sick" and not sick in a 90's way.  So now I watch it when he's not around. Like this week. 

Dex is crawling and pulling himself up! It's a whole new world - so long as that world is in the living room because he doesn't seem to want to cross the seamless threshold into the kitchen. Still not sleeping through the night and has been worse the last week due to his congestion.

GMac is "toughing" a lot.  Still trying to get over whatever monster bug has hit us.  Fingers crossed he can go to school tomorrow which would be the first time since October 9.

Monkey has become quite the author. She's written and illustrated four books. She's also into coloring and playing school (she has her own classroom in the basement).

As for me, I finished Modern Family Season 9.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

I JUST WANT MY ESPRESSO; a first world problem

Last Wednesday my Nespresso machine said it needed descaled. I decided I could make a homemade solution, did some research, and then decided I better not. So I ordered some descaling solution and pods (because why not spend another $42 for free shipping) and was looking forward to having the machine up and running by the weekend.

Wednesday night the update said I'd have everything by Friday.

Friday came and went. No dice.

The GMac got "the croup" as Monkey calls it and with GMac getting "the croup" comes Urgent Care, ER, and hospital stays and basically no sleep for several days for Mom and Dad.  It's worse than having a new born in the house because you still have to go do everything else, like work and can't just lounge around all day catching cat naps when you can. Friday night/Saturday morning I didn't get to bed until 3 a.m. and Monday morning I was up for the day at 3:00 a.m.

Saturday morning the Laser Ship (described as the Uber of package delivery and literally named The Most Hated Company on the Internet) tracking said something along the lines of "package did not go out, will go out next business day."

Monday morning I emailed LaserShip and got a canned response that I'd get the package in a day or two.

Monday afternoon I chatted with Nespresso. They said if the package wasn't;t delivered by that evening (and it wasn't looking good), they'd resend it on Tuesday.

Monday came and went. No dice.

This morning, the website says the same thing as Friday so I send LaserShip another email and same exact canned "day or two" response so I chat with Nespresso again and they said they'd get it out today and it'd arrive on Thursday. 


This afternoon I check the LaserShip just to see whats up.  

The package is out for devilry. 

Say, what?

Two hours later, another email from LaserShip saying they received the request to intercept the package and stop delivery and would do if at all possible. 

And no espresso pods today. 

Turns out I can trick my machine into thinking it descaled so I DID have a full caff mocha at 7 p.m. with the expectation of being up with a sick kid tonight. 

Monday, October 15, 2018

Monday Morning Musings

Good Morning!

I'll be honest, it feels like mid-morning right now thanks to GMac waking up at 3 a.m. throwing up which is nothing considering he spent Friday night at Childrens' thanks to our very close friend, Croup. I tried to figure out if the two were related, but I quit. We're hoping he'll be on the rebound soon.

Grandma Elsea is here! So everything is already better.

So far this morning aside from cleaning up mucus-y throw up I've: washed two loads of laundry; packed Monkey's lunch and snack; did the dishes; made coffee for C because I dragged him out of bed to be on throw up watch while I pump; got outfits ready for the day; and had a cup of tea.  I'm hoping there's a nap in my future when I get home tonight.

Speaking of naps, I had the best nap yesterday on my old bed at Mom and Dad's.  Maybe I'll try to sneak over there for another.

Now I'm pumping while C sleeps on the chair and GMac snores/wheezes louder than kingdom come.

Happy Monday!

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Fair Days or: GMac Rides ALL The Tractors

This year the only way the kids were getting to the fair was with Grandma and Grandpa. It actually worked out for the best because they each got their own day and a ride band (neither of which they'd get with us). Aside from me not getting a sausage sandwhich, twisty taters, or a funnel cake, it's a win all around.

Thursday, October 4, 2018


You know what I don't understand? 

I'll give you a second to guess....



I don't understand why people are excited to get their kids back to school in the fall because of the schedule and structure.  

Did anyone guess that?

Sure there may be more structure, but there is also the daily lunch and snack packing; need to have real food in the house to pack for said snacks and lunches so it doesn't look like all the kids eat is plain pasta (it is); "going out of the house" clothes and SOCKS (the socks!) need to be washed and together; and the kids need to be in bed and then out the door the next morning all by a certain time. 

What about that structure sounds good to anyone? 

Give me laid back mornings with a slow breakfast, running around the front yard, afternoons by the pool, haphazardly thrown together meals, and lighter later evenings any day of the year.