Monday, November 24, 2014

and then I dropped my phone in the toilet...

We had a rather lovely weekend.  Almost.

Friday night we had homemade soup (reheated from it's frozen state) and followed that up with a trip to Gypsie Joes to kick off C's birthday weekend.

We woke up to super slippery roads on Saturday which caused the Holiday Parade to be delayed a bit.  But Monkey and I bundled up and walked the block and a half to the parade and thoroughly enjoyed it.  We were thirty minutes early, but Monkey didn't know any different as she pointed out every single car that passed ("Look at that one, Mama!"). 

When the cop drove by signaling the start of the parade, Monkey managed to have a nice little convo with him.  It went like this:

Monkey (waving): Hi!
Mr. Policeman: Hi!
Monkey: You're driving a police car.
Mr. Policeman: Yes I am.  I like your hat.
Monkey: Thank you. It's a monkey.

In case you hadn't picked it up, she's rather verbal. She loved the entire parade.  If you ask her what she saw at the parade she'll tell you, "all of them."

C and I went to Easton to celebrate his 30th Birthday (he's old).  Dinner at BD's (we had a coupon) and dessert at Godiva (where we spent more than we did at BD's) followed by a stop at Starbucks and some Santa shopping.

Sunday (C's actual birthday) went a bit differently as he spent the entire day pulling up the tile in our kitchen (poor guy) in preparation of installing a new laminate floor (go big or go home!) with his dad this week.

That brings me to my next (or first?) point.  I think I'm beginning to have a bit of anxiety about not having a floor on the first floor of our house.  I blame it on the baby coming. But seriously, I'm counting down the days until the floor is installed and things can be put back.  I need order (but have no energy to create that order).

So there's that.

There's also the fact that I feel rather pregnant and didn't remember feeling like this before, but then I read my old posts from when I was pregnant with Monkey and realized that I felt the same way then (plus have a two year old now). So that helps.

Then last night, I dropped my phone in the toilet and the bag of rice method isn't working. C says that doesn't help me in presenting my case for getting a new $300 phone.

Friday, November 21, 2014

The low down.

We are floorless at the Elsea household.  Just until next week.  C and his dad pulled up the carpet in the living room last weekend and plan on installing new faux-hardwood (read: laminate) next weekend.  We have "hardwood" now but I'm pretty sure it's just a sub floor that the original owner said "heck with it, let's pretend we didn't run lines of mails through this sucker and just call it the floor."  Every time Monkey comes downstairs or in the house she asks, "Wow, who did this?"

Speaking of the Monkey, she's been waking up at night scared.  I'm certain that it's because her old room had a ton of junk in it and didn't look the same in the dark and the fact that she fell out of the bed twice on Wednesday night (and told Grandma that scared her).  When she does wake up at night and we go in to settle her down she begs to go downstairs.  It's like that's her safe zone.

A bed rail has been secured.  Here's hoping to better sleep (for Monkey and Mommy).

Monkey has also started pointing out my belly to others while we're out and about.  On Saturday it was, very randomly, "That's Baby Toodles" to the waitress at dinner.  A bit embarrassing having to explain the name.

Another Monkey item.  Her new thing is to read a book while you read a book.  She'll bring two of her books over, one for you and one for her, and will sit on your lap while you both read.  I have an uber cute picture of it, but C has request I abstain from posting it as he is wearing a beer shirt (from Old Navy).

C's turning the big 3-0 on Sunday.  I'll be married to an old man.  We're celebrating in style on Saturday by going to the Christmas parade (Monkey's idea), Christmas shopping (my idea), and BD's (his idea).  Go big or go home.

This snow in Buffalo.  I can't even fathom what it's like up there.  I googled how long it would take to melt but the internet doesn't seem to know.

I miss my remote car starter.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Oh, my.

The next time I'm feeling down about my own pregnany "style" I'm just going to pull this pic up.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Chicken Salad Update

After all the praise I gave FMC's chicken salad, I feel the need to update you.

I have received information from a very reliable source that recently the chicken salad at FMC is no longer what it used to be (possibly due to someone else making it or the use of cheaper dark meat or both).

Therefore I am recanting my recommendation.

Monday, November 10, 2014

I spent the weekend in two different hospitals and have no baby to show for it.

Before you freak out, I'm fine.  The title was just an attention grabber.  It's true, but an attention grabber nonetheless.

I'd also like to point out that C declared this the most enjoyable weekend since we went on vacation. The bar is apparently set pretty low considering the fact that we didn't do anything extraordinary. But in his defense it was work free, so that's a perk.

We started out the weekend with leftover meatloaf and funeral potatoes (now you can see why C enjoyed the weekend so much).  Then we watched Deja Vu (C did, I don't like the movie).  We were interrupted when C went upstairs to remind Monkey that it was time to go to sleep (an hour after we put her in bed).  He was greeted by a two-year-old who was holding her pants in one hand and diaper in the other while proudly stating, "I take these off." Umm, no, no you don't.  Fortunately there were no accidents while she was going commando.

I had be up at the butt crack of dawn on Saturday morning for a retreat for the non-profit board I serve on. The retreat was held at FMC (hospital visit #1). While lunch was included, it did not contain chicken salad.  If I haven't told you before, FMC has the best chicken salad out there. A five start restaurant doesn't hold a flame to our hospital's chicken salad.

C and I spent the evening at the Blue Jackets game were the Tampa Bay Lightning managed to score 7 goals.  It was a thriller.  But hey, I got a Skyline Coney Dog. So it was all good.

Monkey got to spend the evening with Grandma, Uncle Todd, and Aunt Janet, so she was as pleased as a peach.

We had the regular Sunday morning of church and lunch.  C assisted with communion and when he got to our row to help someone who needed communed in the pew Monkey belted out (in a dead silent church), "Hi, Daddy!" with a gargantuan wave. 

After lunch we prepped Monkey's big girl room and put her down for her first nap in a big bed.  She did fantastic.  Didn't get out once and slept for two hours.  We'll see how the second go goes tomorrow.

While C and I were picking up a bit before dinner, and Monkey was reading, I heard an odd noise in the living room followed by Monkey asking, "Did you hear that?" I responded yes and asked her what it was she responded, "I fart."  That's our C's daughter.

Grandpa came over to spend the evening with Monkey while C and I went to Mt. Carmel (hospital visit #2) for a nursing basics class.  My thoughts when signing up were, "it didn't work last time, so I'll do everything I can to try to get it to work this time."  After 2.5 hours we didn't learn anything new and realized we had all of the products recommended (and then some) minus a newfangled $18 bottle that came out when Monkey was 6 months old (and I just couldn't justify as we hadn't tried nursing for 3 months).  So in the end we spent $35 for me to finally accept that it wasn't my fault and there wasn't anything we could have done differently to get Monkey to nurse (C already knew that and constantly reminds me, in the words of Robin Williams, "It's not you're fault."). We also left the class much more excited about Baby Toodles (it's not that we haven't been excited, we've just had a lot on our plate recently).

We had grand plans of assembling our "new" dresser when we got home. I say "new" because we purchased it from IKEA in January and only now need to set it up (because the t.v. is currently sitting on the floor and I need my t.v.) since Monkey has our old one (which was C's when he was growing up).  But laziness got the best of us (as it also did the Bears apparently) and we ended up watching Sunday Night Football.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

I don't like using big spoons.

You know those big spoons that everyone eats everything with?  I think they are soup spoons or pasta spoons or something. Well, I don't like them. It's just so much spoon.  I prefer to eat all my food (that requires a spoon) with those smaller spoons.

I've sorta been in a recipe rut of late. I blame it on being pregnant.  I'm not really craving meals, so I'm not getting excited to cook.  Our current go-to meal is Tortellini Italiano (a Schwan's recipe that Charles' mom used to make). I omit the mushrooms because, eww. I'll let you in on a little secret... I buy everything at the store. I don't even know how to get a hold of the Schwan's people.

Schwan's reminds me of Market Day.  Does anyone remember their breakfast pizzas? Soooo gooooood.

I also made a new recipe Monday night, Crock Pot BBQ Chicken. It was a winner for Charles and me, while Monkey "can't like it". She tried, but I think it was the red pepper flakes.

That's her new phrase when she doesn't like something. "I can't like it." Like she tried (which she doesn't always). 

It's a good thing I passed my three hour glucose test a few weeks ago because I've been eating Butterfingers like it's my job.  Does anyone buy regular size Butterfingers anymore? I think the mini size are perfect.  Even the slightly-bigger-than-mini-size ones are too much.

I'm still trying to get into the newest Shopaholic book.  It's just not happening. Sigh

I am way too emotionally invested in Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie getting back together/staying together. I have no idea what they are at any given moment, but I love them together and want them to love them together, too.

They're holding hands!!

I'll tell you what I am in to... Cutthroat Kitchen. While I've always loved cooking shows, I'm blaming my obsession on the pregnancy. I can't not watch it.

I've told you about my P!nk obsession/crush, right? It's still going strong. There's just something about here.

I'm also currently loving Rude! (Marry That Girl), Coming Home, Take Me To Church (NOT a Christian song), and Stay With Me.  Monkey also loves the last three songs and regularly requests them.

Speaking of the Monkey, we're in the process of moving her to her big girl room.  She has fully embraced Baby Toodles (thus far) and will offer him/her food, ask if he/she can see things, "I see Mr. Moon, Mama, do you see Mr. Moon? You see Mr. Moon, Baby Toodles?" The answer is always yes.

I think that's enough of an update for today.