Friday, April 18, 2014

I bought an Easter dress!

For the first time since May 2012 (read: when I was pregnant) I bought a new dress.

I had purchased a dress from a thrift store and received one gifted to me by my boss (so, so cute!), but hadn't bought a dress from an actual store in quite some time.

On Wednesday, I spotted a dress in the window at Christopher Banks (not my preferred store of choice) that I couldn't pass up.

Since my phone was dead (a certain Monkey is still under the weather and was having a rough day and thus needed the phone to stay entertained) I couldn't take a picture to send to my review panel before purchasing so I went with it and asked for opinions after the fact.  The panel approves.
For the first time since who knows when (pregnancy excluded) I have a new Easter dress!
Now I need new shoes (sorry, C).

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Guess what we're going to be doing every week through May?

Lancaster is tearing up one of their main drags.

This is horrible to business and traffic and C (his walk to court has quadrupled due to closures).

But it's great for Monkey.

She loves big trucks!!

And Na-ma even managed to cross the orange fence and take three bricks without getting caught!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Daffodils for everyone!

Hello to the five people who read my blog (my mom, my sister, Big Red, my Other Mother, and Christine)!

We had a fabulously warm weekend (the air conditioner is on!).

Na-ma and Gampa Elsea were here this weekend so we were very busy (they helped us get tons of stuff done around the house because 1. They keep us on the ball and 2. They are hard workers.

Friday afternoon C took a nap while we went to The Well so Monkey could play and we could drink organic drinks.  We also stopped by Lowe's for stop #1 of the weekend to grab some things necessary for making the tub work (for the past two years we've been using the shower to fill the tub and spinning the stopper to get it opened and closed).  We came home and had some pizza and Grandpa fixed the tub. It's like this is an entirely new house. I'm not sure how we ever lived in this house before. After Monkey was in bed we played some euchre.

Saturday morning Monkey woke up to a new princess castle!!

Also on Saturday was the 5k I signed up for in haste several weeks ago. Then I didn't train for it. So I didn't run it. Instead we went to Starbucks and Lowe's (trip #2) for electrical stuff and plants.  I'm pleased to say our front yard is now completely landscaped (except for the grass problem). We also dug up several daffodils that had no longer bloomed. I now have at least 100 daffodil bulbs laying out to dry in the garage.

Monkey woke up from her morning nap with a temperature which put a monkey wrench in our plans. She spent a lot of time watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Curious George.

There were three or four more Lowe's runs in the afternoon (mulch and electrical stuff).

We stayed in the evening and had paleo shepherds pie, because that's how we roll...not.  But we didn't do anything after that because we were so tired.  So off to bed we went.

Monkey still had a temperature on Sunday morning so she and I stayed home. Do you like her tutu?

While everyone was at church waving their palms Monkey was napping and I was catching up on Hart of Dixie. 

We got some more work done in the afternoon (trimming bushes and digging up more daffodils), another Lowe's run,  and ordered in dinner since Monkey was still under the weather. 

Monkey tried some new hair styles this weekend. I think we found a winner. 

And now we're back to the week and it's going to be cold so we're looking forward to Easter. 

Now on with your Monday. 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Our house has never been so clean


I hope you had a restful weekend.  We certainly did and did not.

Friday afternoon C and I dropped the Monkey off at Na-ma and Gampa's house and headed east to Pittsburgh for the Cardinals/Pirates game (a Valentine's Day present to C).  I booked a hotel across the street (cheaper than going through Hotwire...what's up with that?) so that we didnt' have far to walk.  For a second I thought it was the hotel that was attached to the casino and got excited (penny slots!!). But it wasn't. Excitement short lived.

We had adult conservations on the way that consisted of fracking, cleaning, and meal preparation.  Be jealous.

Once we made it to the stadium we picked up our free t-shirts!! and sat through a rain delay while enjoying Chickie's & Pete's Crabfries.  Drew was jealous.

And then God promised there would never be another hour rain delay ever again in Pittsburgh.

You guys, this ball park is gorgeous I tell you, gorgeous. 

Then the Cardinals lost. It wasn't quick, but drawn out, like a slow bleed.  But most of the fans in Pittsburh are awesome and kind and they all shake hands with you after the game.  I'm sure Steelers games are exactly the same.

Saturday morning we headed to the mall for a Disney Store and Barnes & Noble and Dick's and Target (because, when in Pittsburgh) before heading home to pick up our Monkey. We passed some trucks carrying what we assumed to be fracked water, which brought the trip full circle.

We went to Fiesta with everyone for dinner and then stopped by Gypsy Joe's.  You know you frequent a place too often when your one year old yells "yum-yums" and "donuts" as soon as you pull in.

We church on Sunday and cleaned the heck out of our house.  We cleaned until we could clean no more.  Really, that's all we did.  At about 11:00 last night we felt like we couldn't even make it up the stairs.  That's a good cleaning for you.

And now we're back to Monday. Five days until I run walk in this 5k I so eagerly signed up for 10 weeks ago (and haven't trained for in a month).  Yippee.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

So you're saying there's a chance...

ESPN released their experts' World Series picks earlier in the week. 

44 experts weighed in.

A bunch went with the Dodgers, Nationals, and Cardinals with a few selecting the Rays, Tigers, and Red Sox.

Then there was this pick.

Don't mess with me, Jeff.

Who is Jeff, anyway?