Friday, January 13, 2017

Happy Friday the 13th!

Just a refresher, we got engaged on Friday the 13th and Monkey was born on Friday the 13th. It's a good day for us. 

Monkey found an old wallet of mine this morning.  We're talking 10+ years.  Like any good wallet of mine, it had some old receipts and ticket stubs. 

I'll save the best for last so you have to keep reading. First a ticket stub to a Cardinals/Cubs game at Wrigley the year the White Sox won the World Series. I'd tell you there was nothing special about this game, but I'm pretty sure C would say, "Every Cardinals game, especially against the Cubs, is special."

A receipt from paying a speeding ticket of a certain Mr. Elsea in Celina, Ohio.  Only time I've ever been in a Western Union. I can still picture it to this day on the corner of Madison and North. (I'm pretty sure this doesn't have any info that people would use, but if it does, please don't.)

A ticket stub from the Cubs/Cardinals game the day before.  Turns out this was our first date (just realized this today).  I remember just like it was yesterday, sitting in a Wendy's (we classy) in Alexandria, Virginia after Dad opened the House of Representatives with prayer, and getting a call from C asking if I'd like to head to StL a day early because he had two tickets to the Cubs/Cardinals game.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Dog Days of Winter

I've decided we're in the dog days of winter (despite only being 16 days into Winter).  We just want to be outside. We just want it to be lighter earlier in the morning and later at night (I'm sure I'll change my tune when GMac is waking up with the sun - some days we can get him to sleep later because the sun isn't awake yet).

We're inching closer and closer to the move. 28 days until closing, but who's counting?

Apparently, I am, my friend. 

The last three days I have made a list of a few things to pack.  The last three days I have packed nothing. But, I've scheduled movers, and the moving of the swing set, and the moving of the internet (the most important part), so I'm making progress.  I'm also thinking about how I'm going to pack things.  All mega blocks in one box, all little people in another, merge the duplos... you get the idea.

Monkey is going to help pack some of her books, "but not her favorites and not her Bible because her Bible is one of her favorites." When she says things like that (and isn't yelling at her brother) I realize we're doing something right with this parenting gig.

Our DirecTV is dying today or tomorrow. We've "cut the cord" (such a dumb saying) and went with DirecTV Now because those are all the channels we watch anyway for $100 less a month. Basically we're going back to life without a DVR.

I'm having issues getting into reading so far this year.  I'm slowly (like a literal snail's pace) working my way through My Life in France. It's good and informative but I'm having problems with it.  I really want an easy British chick-lit read.

I've biked 6 days in a row. Going for the big 7 tomorrow!

Our dishwasher is fixed.  It's always bittersweet when you get appliances fixed because while you're glad they're working again you're also thinking "does it really cost that much to straighten out the drain hose?"

Happy Friday, y'all!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Aunt Amy's Mac and Cheese

The last time I posted a recipe was July 31, 2014 when I was preggo with GMac.  That's a long time for you guys to go without food.  

I'm a lover of mac and cheese as it combines two of my favorite foods.  Fancy or the blue box, either work just fine for me.  When I was little I would lick the orange powder off the boxed cheese packet. Yum-o!

Here's Aunt Amy's Mac and Cheese.  It's technically her recipe, but she is my source, so I'll site her. 

Aunt Amy's Mac and Cheese

16 ounce box of pasta (shells, elbows, etc)
3 cups of milk
3 cups shredded sharp cheddar cheese
8 ounces of Velveeta cut in cubes
4 ounces of butter cut in chunks

Cook pasta to al dente.  Throw everything in a greased crock pot and cook on low for 2 1/2 - 3 hours. Stir and cook another hour. 

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

I read, it's what I do.

One my New Years Resolutions (and the one I've been able to keep pretty well) is to read everyday. Here's a list of what I've read in 2016. You can pick your jaw off the floor now, these aren't exactly considered deep or heavy reads. I'll start a new list on my reading tab for 2017,  but I doubt I'll hit 70. 

1. Twos Company
2. Beautiful Day
3. Mixed Doubles 
4. More to life than this
5. A Minor Indiscretion 
6. Fast Friends 
7. For Better, For Worse
8. You and Me, Always
9. Royal We
10. Doris Day Film Club
11. Little Beach Street Bakery 
12. 800 Grapes
13. Girl Before A Mirror 
14. Nowhere But Home
15. Let's Meet on Platform 8
16. The Chocolate Lovers Club 
17. Summer at Little Beach Street Bakery
18. Chocolate Lovers Diet 
19. Chocolate Lovers Christmas 
20. Bare Necessity 
21. The Dinner Party
22. Lonely Hearts Club
23. Scent of Scandal 
24. Island In the Sea
25. Wedding Girl 
26. The One We Fell In Love With
27. Happily Ever Madder
28. Down and Out in Bugtussle
29. Solo
30. Always the Bridesmaid
31. The Single Girl's To-Do List
32. About A Girl
33. What A Girl Wants
34. I Heart New York
35. A Girls Best Friend 
36. I Heart Hollywood
37. With or Without You
38. I Heart Paris
39. A Field Guide to Burying Your Parents 

40. Wrapped Up In You
41. Covet
42. The One That Got Away
43. On The Island
44. Uncharted (a novella, but I'm counting it)
45. Once Upon A Wine
46. Queen of Babble
47. Queen of Babble in the Big City
48. Queen of Babble Gets Hitched
49. After I Do
50. A Good Year
51. Results May Vary
52. Put A Ring On it
53.  Cure For The Common Breakup
54. New Uses For Old Boyfriends
55. One True Loves
56. Maybe in Another Life
57. Santorini Sunsets
58. Forever Interrupted
59. The Sweetheart Deal
60. Exes and Ohs
61. The Pre-Nup
62. My Favorite Mistake
63. The Week Before the Wedding
64. I Heart Vegas
65. Christmas in Paris
66. Let's Pretend This Never Happened
67. The Boy is Back
68. The Bookshop on the Corner
69. The Hating Game
70. Furiously Happy

Friday, December 30, 2016

it turns out 2016 wasn't half bad

I was thinking last week how done I was with 2016.  It seemed like the pits. But really, it was just November that was the pits because of baseball and politics and me not yet figuring out how to successfully parent when C has a trial (I really need to work on that).

It turns out 2016 was pretty awesome for us.

We spent three weeks at the beach. Does it get any better than that?

The Indians went all the way to the World Series and were oh-so-close to winning it.  While the outcome wasn't what I would've hoped for, I was able to go to every home ALDS and ALCS game and Dad and Emily went to game 6 of the World Series.  Seriously, thinking about it makes my eyes well up.  What are these tears? (Sports are the only thing that really, really make me cry.)

AND Cleveland DID win a championship! Thanks, Cavs!

We decided to sell our house, listed it, and now have it in contract (in a matter of 30 days). Prayers that everything finalizes as it should, please.

We found a house, that no one else has wanted over the last 8 months, and are in contract. Lord willing, this is going to be our forever home. Looks like we'll be closing and moving the week C has a trial. Prayers I figure out trial-single-parenting before then.

C made partner! Something he's been working towards since day one.

So all in all, I'd say 2016 was a winner and 2017 is shaping up to be just as good.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

2017 Goals

Since I was pretty good at keeping one goal for 2016, I'm going to try to do the same for 2017.  Some should be easy (at least you'd think they are), others will require a bit more work. 

Bike every day. This is the hard one.  

Read every day. 

Take an allergy pill everyday. It turns out when I do this my head doesn't feel like it's in a fog.  Funny how that works, yet funny how I never take them. 

I could list other things, but I think that's enough. We all know I won't be able to keep up with these three as it is.