Monday, December 8, 2014

by the numbers

3 - colds I've had this fall.

4.5 - more weeks until Baby Toodles projected arrival.

1 -  Christmas presents I've purchased for C.

1 - Christmas presents I've already given C...

0 - Christmas presents left to give to C.

8 - meals I plan to make and freeze pre-Baby Toodles (veggie soup, baked ziti, chicken wild rice soup, and one more casserole)

1 - girl ready to be a big sister.

1 - big sister hospital tour high jacked by Monkey who decided instead to show around the tour guide.

8 - loads of laundry folded last night.

1 - back ache that is finally better (originated from stress and exasperated by folding laundry and the like).

Monday, December 1, 2014

Rachel buys a new phone

I went to AT&T the other day (I still call it Cingular) to buy a new iPhone, because, as you'll remember, mine FELL IN THE TOILET.

Here's how it went down.

I enter the store.  A guy greets me and puts me in the walk-in queue.

Me: Can I just tell you what I want and they have it ready when I am called.

Queue Guy: No. They'll discuss your needs. You're 8th in line.

Me (thinking): I know my needs. 

So I wait.

There are no chairs to sit on.

Jordan (the rep who was assigned to help me): Rachel. I can help you now.

Me: Great. I'd like a 64-gig iPhone 6.

Jordan:  I'll see if we have those in stock.

I wait a little bit more.

Jordan: Great news. We have one. Let's get you started. 

Jordan looks at my plan.

Jordan: You have a rather old plan, only use so much data, and our current plans wouldn't cost you any more than you're paying now.

Me: No thanks, I'd just like the phone.

Jordan: Are you sure? Blah blah blah blah blah.

Me: Yep, I'm sure. Just the phone please.

I should point out that she was very nice, but I just wanted the phone as I have a very good plan (and apparently they know that).

I signed a new two-year contract.

Me: I would also like an additional phone charger cord. Those are $20, right?

Jordan: I believe they are on sale today.

Me: Great.

Jordan goes to check and returns with a Manager.

Manager:  We've noticed your plan is rather old.

Me: Yep. (It's 8 years old to be exact...I still have unlimited data).

Manager:  I'd just like to tell you a bit more about our new plans.  We have a lot great changes and new devices coming out in 3 to 6 months and don't want you to miss out on them. A lot of people turn them down and then come in later asking for them. Blah blah blah blah blah.

Me (thinking, but really wanting to say out loud): But Apple doesn't have any new phones coming out in 6 months and I don't buy a new phone on a whim.

Me: That's great, but I just want the phone today.

The Manager leaves.

Jordan rings me up and tells me that while the charger wasn't atually on sale, she got the Manager to give me the sale price of the non-Apple chargers ($9).

Jokes on her because I was ready to pay $20 and was still not changing my plan.

The End.

Monday, November 24, 2014

and then I dropped my phone in the toilet...

We had a rather lovely weekend.  Almost.

Friday night we had homemade soup (reheated from it's frozen state) and followed that up with a trip to Gypsie Joes to kick off C's birthday weekend.

We woke up to super slippery roads on Saturday which caused the Holiday Parade to be delayed a bit.  But Monkey and I bundled up and walked the block and a half to the parade and thoroughly enjoyed it.  We were thirty minutes early, but Monkey didn't know any different as she pointed out every single car that passed ("Look at that one, Mama!"). 

When the cop drove by signaling the start of the parade, Monkey managed to have a nice little convo with him.  It went like this:

Monkey (waving): Hi!
Mr. Policeman: Hi!
Monkey: You're driving a police car.
Mr. Policeman: Yes I am.  I like your hat.
Monkey: Thank you. It's a monkey.

In case you hadn't picked it up, she's rather verbal. She loved the entire parade.  If you ask her what she saw at the parade she'll tell you, "all of them."

C and I went to Easton to celebrate his 30th Birthday (he's old).  Dinner at BD's (we had a coupon) and dessert at Godiva (where we spent more than we did at BD's) followed by a stop at Starbucks and some Santa shopping.

Sunday (C's actual birthday) went a bit differently as he spent the entire day pulling up the tile in our kitchen (poor guy) in preparation of installing a new laminate floor (go big or go home!) with his dad this week.

That brings me to my next (or first?) point.  I think I'm beginning to have a bit of anxiety about not having a floor on the first floor of our house.  I blame it on the baby coming. But seriously, I'm counting down the days until the floor is installed and things can be put back.  I need order (but have no energy to create that order).

So there's that.

There's also the fact that I feel rather pregnant and didn't remember feeling like this before, but then I read my old posts from when I was pregnant with Monkey and realized that I felt the same way then (plus have a two year old now). So that helps.

Then last night, I dropped my phone in the toilet and the bag of rice method isn't working. C says that doesn't help me in presenting my case for getting a new $300 phone.

Friday, November 21, 2014

The low down.

We are floorless at the Elsea household.  Just until next week.  C and his dad pulled up the carpet in the living room last weekend and plan on installing new faux-hardwood (read: laminate) next weekend.  We have "hardwood" now but I'm pretty sure it's just a sub floor that the original owner said "heck with it, let's pretend we didn't run lines of mails through this sucker and just call it the floor."  Every time Monkey comes downstairs or in the house she asks, "Wow, who did this?"

Speaking of the Monkey, she's been waking up at night scared.  I'm certain that it's because her old room had a ton of junk in it and didn't look the same in the dark and the fact that she fell out of the bed twice on Wednesday night (and told Grandma that scared her).  When she does wake up at night and we go in to settle her down she begs to go downstairs.  It's like that's her safe zone.

A bed rail has been secured.  Here's hoping to better sleep (for Monkey and Mommy).

Monkey has also started pointing out my belly to others while we're out and about.  On Saturday it was, very randomly, "That's Baby Toodles" to the waitress at dinner.  A bit embarrassing having to explain the name.

Another Monkey item.  Her new thing is to read a book while you read a book.  She'll bring two of her books over, one for you and one for her, and will sit on your lap while you both read.  I have an uber cute picture of it, but C has request I abstain from posting it as he is wearing a beer shirt (from Old Navy).

C's turning the big 3-0 on Sunday.  I'll be married to an old man.  We're celebrating in style on Saturday by going to the Christmas parade (Monkey's idea), Christmas shopping (my idea), and BD's (his idea).  Go big or go home.

This snow in Buffalo.  I can't even fathom what it's like up there.  I googled how long it would take to melt but the internet doesn't seem to know.

I miss my remote car starter.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Oh, my.

The next time I'm feeling down about my own pregnany "style" I'm just going to pull this pic up.