Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Spring Break To Do's

Pink - Monkey
Blue - GMac


On Spring Break
Sunday Palm Sunday
M Swim
T Go to babby sitter
W Mommy and Grama
T New linrary
F Mommy and eggs
S Holy Saturday
S Easter
M School

Monday, April 15, 2019

Jesus is going to ride a donkey to Ohio?

Well, we made it through church yesterday without GMac asked where Jesus and the donkey were. Saturday night I reminded the kids that Sunday was Palm Sunday, when Jesus rode in on a donkey. To which GMac quickly asked, "Jesus is going to ride a donkey to Ohio?" That'd be a sight.  Jesus riding a donkey right down I-70.

C made it home from his retreat mid-afternoon on Friday. We were all elated.  At GMac,s request, and my proclamation of not making dinner, we had Maria's.  The kids watched a Star Wars movie. Which one, I cannot say, as they are all the same to me. I went on a walk.

We took it easy on Saturday. I put up my peony supports (YOU GUYS, MY BLOG POSTS ARE SO EXCITING) and C purchased a power washer. I'd show before and after pics, but they are rather embarrassing. While he was power washing I converted the tricycle to a Dex friendly bike and then we took the kids to Sanderson (and I walked again...just a few more years before I'm waiting for the mall doors to open at 10:00 a.m. so I can get my laps in).

I walked again yesterday afternoon (maybe I should've titled this post "Rachel took walks") while C watched the Masters. Then he did taxes and I mothered. 

That's really it.  Come back tomorrow to see the kid's Spring Break To Do List!

Thursday, April 11, 2019

"At least we got some good photos."

Tuesday  night we took the kids to the Clippers game.  C's gone for the rest of the week, so we thought it'd be a fun little family outing.  When C suggested we go, instead of my normal, "It'll be too much work, we won't enjoy the game, the kids will be crazy" response, I threw caution to the wind and said sure (while still thinking the rest).

It was kinda mayhem and we won't be taking all three back anytime soon, but as C said Wednesday morning, "at least we got some good photos."

I was all over this single parenting week and was ready to concur the world, but now that C's at his retreat, Dex and I have nice little upper respiratory illnesses going on and Monkey down with some sort of bug.   I have zero expectations for tonight and am looking forward to brie and maybe wine tonight while counting down the hours until C's home.

Little Davidson in Great-great Grandpa's hat. 

Tuesdays are the one day the kids go to our amazing babysitter's house. 
Tuesdays are also the days when Dex is the most clingy because because he spent the day away from Mommy (and Papa). He obviously wants nothing to do with C and spent most of the game walking around in the baby carrier. 

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

I'm going to start this post like I start all posts, by apologizing for not blogging more.

Some people give things up for lent, I like to try to add things.  Granted this year I didn't. Maybe I should've added blogging more.  But most would probably say that's not what the church means by giving up or adding something during Lent. But really, I'm just working on keeping my resolutions:

Read everyday - 90 days in a row
Bike or walk everyday - 90 days in a row
NO COKE (this one's harder) - 3 days in a row
Devotion everyday - 6 days in a row (missed after 77 days straight, ugh)
No Starbucks (this is easier since I have my own machine, BUT takes away the point of not having a mocha) - 2 days in a row (apparently this is harder than I thought it'd be

Anyway, if I were blogging regularly you'd read more stories like how GMac was adamant he wasn't going to school today because he was "very sick." And when we got to my parents he told me "I didn't bring my backpack" (so ha! he couldn't go) and I pointed out it was in my hands.  So HA! I assured him it was only two hours long and he'd be fine (he's coughing, or "toughing" as he calls it).  That kid heard two hours and then suggested to my mom he stay at their house for two hours today.

This kid will be a struggle.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

and now I can never go back to Concordia

We hosted six lovely Concordia Chicago Wind Symphony ladies on Friday night. I'm not going to promise to tell you more about it later, because we all know I'm not a faithful blogger. 

But I will tell you that the transporting of 6 ladies (plus two trips to hotels and another trip to our house with kids that weren't staying with us) and some of those kids driving our other car because we have kids and someone had to stay home with them left for a teeeeeny bit of chaos. 

So I wasn't surprised yesterday to find a white garbage bad of clothes in the back of the Volvo (which I had two girls drive to church on Saturday morning when we went to drop all the ladies off).  And since this was the end of a week-long trip for them, I was not surprised they'd have that large of a bag of dirty clothes. 

I spent today DM'ing Concordia asking who I should contact to see who's stuff this was. Did I mention I'm not only an alum, but was awarded Business Student of the Year? Never did get that certificate, and after today I'm pretty sure it's definitely never coming. I received a name and email and sent Laura the following... 

Hi! We housed six females on Friday night in Lancaster, Ohio after the wind symphony concert. I found a garbage bag of clothing I believe someone left. If you could check w the girls that’s be great. Thanks! 

Then I got the following response... 

Thank you so much for alerting us to the items that were left behind! I am trying to figure out which girls stayed with you. If you remember even one name, that will help me to find out, but if you can't remember, I will check with the tour manager and see if she kept records. Or I can go to rehearsal today and announce and ask there. 

Once we determine who the items belong to, I will gladly reimburse you for shipping. You say a garbage bag? That sounds like a lot of items. I'm hoping that this won't be too much burden for you!
I'll get back to you as soon as I have information.

I called my dad and got the names of the ladies we housed (no surprise, they spent the night here and I had no idea what their names were because I am a horrible host and at one point there were 14 college kids here). 

Then I thought, maybe I should make sure Emily, my sister, didn't throw those in there, because she did give the keys to the students. 

I called her.  

Yes, the garbage bag of clothing was her's. I had just accused a college kid of leaving a garbage bag of clothes in my car.  They aren't Appalachian, WE are Appalachian.  

I had to send Laura the following email... 

Oh my. Looks like they do NOT belong to any of the girls, but my sister had put them in there to clear space in her car transport people to their house that night. Sorry for the confusion :) 

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Photos from our day. 

Phone Thief

Second double ear infection for 2019. 


Ear infection related blowout. 

Monday, March 4, 2019

the boringest post you ever did see

I really have no excuse for not blogging.  I have a computer at home (something that, until last year, was not the case), I'm not pumping (2+ hours freed up in my day), and my kids are in bed by 8:30 every night (ha ha ha ha!).

Apparently, I've decided to go on living my life. 

I have managed to update my reading log.  I'm currently working my way through Rachel Balducci's Make My Life Simple. I'm really enjoying it and the fact that we both start cleaning up by starting with the dishes.  Don't worry, I'm still working my way through all of the British chick lit too.

Our house is working its way through the 276th cold of the year.  Once the last person gets over it, it starts again.  Dex is a blast at night with a cold!

I'm still watching Live PD. Sometimes C will watch with me and provide additional legal commentary.

That's really about it. Looking forward to an extra hour of daylight Sunday!