Thursday, June 20, 2019

June Update

I'm not sure why I'm bothering posting today. It's been a month plus since our last chat. I never did share the rest of our trip (we all knew that wasn't going to happen anyway).

Remember how I used to blog Back when C was in law school and we were kidless and I had nothing to do after I got off work at five? That was cute. Now I'm lucky to blog once a month.

Since the last post:

The kids have graduated from school.

Monkey is completely done at Redeemer and will be a Bee at St. Bernadette's next year.

Here's a preview of her elementary school mug shot.

GMac "graduated" from Lambs and will be a Dove next year.

Dex was diagnosed with his third ear infection since Superbowl Sunday, developed an allergy to amoxicillin, and got ear tubes.

It's been raining since 2017. Or at least it feels that way. They say today's the last really rainy day for a while. Maybe we'll be able to start going to the pool.

We did take the kids couch shopping and stopped at a COSI exhibit. We told them it was COSI so hopefully that holds them off for a while.

Speaking of the pool, GMac has a massive fear of the pool so long as swim lessons are involved. I was this way as a kid so I thought it was from me, but it turns out C was the same way, so it's exponentially worse. He's about to get off the step here which is a HUGE step for him.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Home to Vienna

We've been thrust back into the real world full force this week.  Various forms of sick kids (its just a matter of time before mom and dad get it and super crazy work.  So while I sit here with a sick Monkey on the couch, I thought I'd share the DC leg of our trip with you.  We've done all the touristy stuff in DC and have had all of the tours (minus the Washington Monument because despite our lengthy times spent in DC, it has never been open while we've been there) so this trip was just a be there trip, see the ordinary things.

C and I can't stop talking about this trip. We really loved every bit of it and both think it's only second to our honeymoon.

We stayed at Joyce and Jim's condo near Dupont Circle. The accommodations were so much better than a hotel. It was like living in DC for a few days. The area is also very residential, so we were able to avoid tourists (like ourselves) for the most part.

After we arrived on Wednesday afternoon we went down to the Wharf for dinner then walked over to the Cardinals/Nationals game (probably the reason C planned this whole trip).


On Thursday we took the metro "home to Vienna" to Roslyn where we both lived when we interned in DC.  C would remember what lines to get on by saying "my new job is in New Carllton" or "home to Vienna." I, on the other hand, just know what train to get on.  

We crossed the bridge to Georgetown, walked down M street, up Wisconsin, and found ourselves on Georgetown's campus. We also walked along the C&O Canal, I first for us. 

We made reservations at Obelisk in Dupont Circle. Obelisk is a small, 11 table Italian restaurant. There are five courses and you can get wines paired with your meals. This was a first and once in a long time dining experience for us. We sat down at 6:30 and walked out at 9:00. The food was authentic Italian (not all that Olive Garden pasta stuff) and so worth it. 

Wednesday we headed up to Annapolis as C had never been there. We toured the state capital and the Naval Academy.

On the way back in to town we stopped at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. 

Once we were back in DC we took the metro to Union State, walked by the Supreme Court, by the Capital, and strate on to the Lincoln Memorial.  We logged 31,000 steps this day and walked almost 15 miles. 

We took it a bit slower on Saturday morning. Got coffee and read the paper on the rooftop deck of the condo. Then we ubered tp the National Food and Wine Festival, water taxied to Alexandria, and biked back to DC, before getting on the metro back to the condo. 

On the 7 mile bike back we stopped next to Regan to see the planes taking off. 

We got one last look of DC from the roof top.  

Sunday morning we were up bright and early and on our way to wine country, but not without driving by our old apartments in Roslyn. 

Part II, Charlottesville and wineries, coming just as soon as the family is healthy again. 

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Thursday Things

1. I'm currently stepping slightly out of my reading comfort zone with Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine (spoiler alert - she isn't!). I say slightly, because the book takes place in my preferred reading region...the UK (Scotland, specifically). 

2. We're ramping up for our DC/VA trip and so long as I don't think about leaving Dex behind (C says he can't come) I'm so excited to go. I have no qualm leaving the bigger littles, and I doubt they'll notice I'm gone, but this is my first extended stay from Dex (I've had one night away and will have another tomorrow night). Due to his tendency to cry (it's all a show) when he has to be held by someone who isn't me (or Papa) or even hears my voice on the phone, it's looking like FaceTime won't be happening. I'll be fine, but I will cry as we pull away on Wednesday. It'll be my one cry of the year. 

3. I'm thinking out summer bucket list should include a tour of playgrounds in town, but then I think about ALL OF THE GERMS and maybe we'll just still with Sanderson, St. B's, and church. 

4. GMac's spring school photo may be the cutest thing I have ever seen. 

5. C and I are currently touring the local schools to find the best home for Monkey next year.  I'm looking forward to making a God-guided decision and not laying up at night thinking about where out little (literally) Monkey will be next year. If it were up to her, she'd choose by the best playground. 

6. During some very lively breakfast discussions last Saturday about what kind of things the Eater Bunny puts in Easter baskets, GMac was adamant the EB was bringing him a police station lego set. EB did not have this planned, but since he's four and we spoil our kids too much and this wasn't a super expensive request and the EB isn't quite ready to smash all his hopes and dreams, the EB went out and found the Lego police station and a tree house Lego for Monkey.  You would've thought the boy won the lottery the next morning as he stood outside of the bathroom door (the basket was hidden in the first floor shower) in undies pumping his fists in the air, yelling "MY PLAY* STATION! MY PLAY STATION! MY PLAY STATION!" He hasn't let the police station out of his site. The EB brought a Star Wars Lego set to Grandma's house which GMac was also thrilled with and ran to C saying, "It's what we were hoping for!" Safe to say the last minute purchases were a success. 


7. Last but certainly not least, Grandma outdid herself with the Easter outfits this year. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Spring Break To Do's

Pink - Monkey
Blue - GMac


On Spring Break
Sunday Palm Sunday
M Swim
T Go to babby sitter
W Mommy and Grama
T New linrary
F Mommy and eggs
S Holy Saturday
S Easter
M School

Monday, April 15, 2019

Jesus is going to ride a donkey to Ohio?

Well, we made it through church yesterday without GMac asked where Jesus and the donkey were. Saturday night I reminded the kids that Sunday was Palm Sunday, when Jesus rode in on a donkey. To which GMac quickly asked, "Jesus is going to ride a donkey to Ohio?" That'd be a sight.  Jesus riding a donkey right down I-70.

C made it home from his retreat mid-afternoon on Friday. We were all elated.  At GMac,s request, and my proclamation of not making dinner, we had Maria's.  The kids watched a Star Wars movie. Which one, I cannot say, as they are all the same to me. I went on a walk.

We took it easy on Saturday. I put up my peony supports (YOU GUYS, MY BLOG POSTS ARE SO EXCITING) and C purchased a power washer. I'd show before and after pics, but they are rather embarrassing. While he was power washing I converted the tricycle to a Dex friendly bike and then we took the kids to Sanderson (and I walked again...just a few more years before I'm waiting for the mall doors to open at 10:00 a.m. so I can get my laps in).

I walked again yesterday afternoon (maybe I should've titled this post "Rachel took walks") while C watched the Masters. Then he did taxes and I mothered. 

That's really it.  Come back tomorrow to see the kid's Spring Break To Do List!