Friday, May 26, 2017

a few generalities

I'm not sure if "generalities" can be a post title, but I'm making it one.  When have I ever been one to follow blog rules?

Speaking of blog/word rules and etiquette, after discovering C's love for fonts, I sent him an urgent email the other day (with a read receipt which apparently he read before I sent which is even weirder since his office is west of mine) asking what font point size was more appropriate for my emails (10 or 12).  He didn't respond as he thought it was a joke.  It wasn't. I'm currently at 10 point, waiting on feedback from those in the know.

Today is our first day of summer vaca (because yesterday was a regular "no school" day for the Monkey). I've got exciting plans such as going to the jewelry store to see if they can fix C's watch and my necklace. 

GMac's vocabulary is growing by the day.  He's stringing words together like a pro.  Wednesday he said "no run round" and on Tuesday he said "no hit Cali day!" (Someone has been having some hitting problems...just like when his daddy was his age).

Tomorrow I'm headed to Cleveland for the Indians game with Dad and Emily but we're not telling Monkey because she'll want to come because the Indians  have snow cones and why else would you need to go to a baseball game?

I finished the Great British Baking Show Netflix and don't know what to do with myself.  New British show suggestions please!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Even my taste in perfume is expen$ive

Does anyone else have the problem that no matter what they are looking at they choose the most expensive item? It's quite the curse.

Case in point, I've been using a magazine perfume sample (from one of the many magazines I receive without subscribing to at my parents house in my maiden name) as a book mark and decided over the last few days that I really sorta like it.

Then I saw it was Hermes which automatically means 3.3 ounces costs $146.

In other news, my watch is broken broken.  It's ceramic and the peice behind teh watch face has cracked. I'm going to take it to Fossil but I'm thinking they're going to tell me 1) it's four years old and 2) it'll be pricey to fix. 

Sooooo, I'm looking for a new watching. Water proof and not needing a charge (read: not an apple watch).  Cute suggestions appreciated. 

Monday, May 22, 2017

Awwrigh, Issy!

I'm sorry to report that there are almost zero photos of this weekend.

y night we had a bar association dinner for C where, I kid you not, the topic of the night was serif fonts and which was was more legal-y. Believe it or not, the event was actually enjoyable. C's parents got in late that night for the weekend. 

Friday was Monkey's preschool graduation (no photos), but there is a very cute video on Instagram of GMac chasing Monkey down to congratulate her on her graduation.  There were high fives and an "awwrigh, issy!" It was the.cutest.ever.

After her program we grabbed an early lunch at the Ale House (high-fives for eating outside) and also spent a considerable amount of time (and money) at the Lancaster Green House picking out flowers and a new tree (arriving Wednesday!).

Check out those plants (and, sorry robbers, we've got a security system now)!

That evening we had something Jerk Chicken Tacos with Mango Salsa for dinner and ice cream for dessert.  Then we watched The Martian (so good).

Saturday morning we had donuts and Starbucks.  Monkey talked me into a getting her a coloring book for her pre-school graduation gift (she was upset she didn't get flowers and cards like the graduates she saw at Mark's college graduation the weekend before). The guys worked on putting the doors back up in the kitchen (we have a first floor bathroom again!) and I joined them for a Lowe's run to get a new mail box (and other fix-it stuff).  My parents came over for a cookout of cheese burgers and turkey burger (in case you are wondering, I had the bacon cheese burger) and we ended the evening by dining at Ainsley's Diner where you must pray after your drinks arrive and you're not even allowed to think something is funny. .

Sunday morning Grandma and Grandpa headed back to Missouri and we headed to church so GMac could greet. He take the job very seriously and even hands out bulletins.  But, watch out if you have a baby or small child, because he'll slam the door in your face so he can see them.

We had wonderful naps that afternoon while C got some work done.  We also got Monkey on the bike (it's very scary) and make a summer bucket list.

The evening ended with dinner and Monkey brushing my hair.  I will play Ainsley's Pet Vet Hair Salon (they see animals, too!) any day of the week because having my hair brushed is the best! 

Now we're entering Monkey's last days of school (she's done Wednesday) at which point we'll start counting down the days until we can go to the pool (and thus don't have the bathe our kids) in the evenings. 

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

What's Up Wednesday

What we're eating this week. We're grilling!  Monday night I made sheet pan balsamic chicken and veggies.

What I'm reminiscing about. Without getting too political... the good old days in DC. I'm sure my view of the city and politics were clouded, but still. I miss those days.

What I'm loving. School is almost out so I don't feel like the kids have to stick to their (already lose) schedule.  Want to play outside until 8:30? Sure!

What we've been up to. It's a busy week around here having returned from Mark's graduation and now getting ready for C's parents to come for Monkey's preschool program.

What I'm dreading. I'm not sure I'm dreading anything right now.  I am looking forward to getting back in to my biking routine (going to give it a few days before I really push it again), so I'm sorta dreading getting going again, but once I'm back on track it'll be good.

What I'm working on. Cleaning. Patience (always working on this one)

What I'm excited about. SUMMER!

What I'm watching/reading. I just started a new British chick lit book and want to find a "smart" book too.

What I'm listening to. Nada.

What I'm wearing. Shorts and t-shirts.

What I'm doing this weekend. Monkey's preschool program and Grandma and Grandpa Elsea's visit.

What I'm looking forward to next month. The pool!

What else is new. GMac's vocabulary has exploded. It's the cutest.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

this turned in to a post about my love for q-tips

The Elseas are sick again.  Well, I am.  GMac and Monkey are a bit congested too.

I bit the bullet yesterday and went to our work wellness clinic where I was informed I had fluid in my ears and a blister on my left ear drum. Also swollen tonsils and maybe something else (I may have stopped listening).  I was prescribed an antibiotic and something else that keeps me up at night.

I was worried for a moment the blister could be from my overuse of q-tips (I'm a sucker for clean ears), but the nurse lady didn't mention it so I'll keep cleaning away.

The kids don't like their ears cleaned like I do (lucky for them I don't think you're supposed to clean them often - if ever).

Now that I think about it, I wonder if C even knows where we keep the q-tips at home. Yuck!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Weekend Rewind: A list

- Cut GMac's bangs
- Watched Why Him

- Starbucks and donuts
- Walmart run for an orange shirt for Monkey's preschool program
- Kids read quietly (say what?!)
- 90th Birthday Party for Russ
- Pizza with Unlce Du and Grandma
- Watched a documentary on the newest Underground line. 

- Church and lunch
- Trimmed the front bushes, weed-wacked, and edged the grass along the driveway
- Hiked the very short trails at Sanderson. PB&Js and ice water were a must. 

Friday, May 5, 2017

Fashion Friday - Get With It, Rachel

If you haven't seen me out in the last few years (since having kids, really), you don't know that I have a limited non-t-shirt wardrobe.  There are several factors to this: 1) I don't get out to shop, 2) my current job does not require me to dress professional, 3) I'm afraid to try new things.

This past weekend when C and I went out and I was determined to replace my date shirt (a gray Old Navy t-shirt) I tried on several dresses and tops and discovered: 1) try as I may, I do not look good in peasant tops, 2) I also do not look good in peasant dresses with elastic at the waist (because I am so short torso-ed, and 3) just need to stick with a classic, preppy style of polo shirts and straight dresses.  Which is how I wound up with this...

So now I'm on the hunt for classic polo shirts. Do they even sell them anymore? Cheaply? 

Also I need new Sperry's so the hunt is on.  Mine are as old as Will and Catherine's marriage (April 29, 2011 to be exact) and are feeling all scaly on the inside. Plus they don't look the greatest for work. I also mowed in them last week (because they are so old) and now they are green (but that didn't stop me from wearing them to work yesterday).  

Happy weekend!