Friday, May 27, 2016

I didn't realize writing a book with the same plot line of a movie wasn't considered a form of plagiarism*

So here I am with a library book due back next Tuesday and am racing to finish it. Then, one the plot gets to where it needs to be, I realize it's just You've Got Mail but instead of a book store theme it's a bakery theme and instead of falling in love with the competition she falls in love with a guys she's conversing with over email, "Jake", (who also happens to be the bakery owner's son). But there is still a competitor bakery and she doesn't like the bakery owner's son. Also, there's still a meet up set half way through the story where they are to meet at a local restaurant and she'll have a flower and "Jake" doesn't show so she reads a book but while she's reading she runs in to Mark (bakery owners son/"Jake") and talks about how she's been stood up but how he probably has a good excuse.

And they get together in the end and she was hoping the whole time "Jake" was Mark (probably because she's seen You've Got Mail)

Come on people! 
If you're looking for a good, original read Wedding Girl isn't for you.  

*After writing all of his I realized this may be what people call "fan fiction" so I consult my in-house legal counsel** who has confirmed this would be plagiarism. 

**My in-house legal counsel is also a fan of You've Got Mail

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

It has arrived

The kids came home from St Louis this week to a new swing set.*

The captains wheel was off within five minutes.

The swing closest to the fort is Monkey's and GMac is already climbing the ladder to the top (and trying to go down the slide by himself).

We had told Monkey the entire time we were gone that if she was a good listener we'd have a big suprise for her when we got home.  She guessed it'd be a toy machine like Santa had. If only.

We're excited for hours and hour and days and days of fun in our new and improved backyard.  

*fence coming asap!

All joggers need to take a break to try to pick up ants.

Monday, May 23, 2016

What was lost (for a third time) has been found (for a third time).

Remember how I lost a book and then found it?

Then I lost it again and found it again. (I might not have told you about that one.)

And most recently this past January when I was looking for it to take to the beach and realized I lost it again?

Well, I C found it. Right in the shoe box (where it belongs).

I'm going to keep in under lock and key until I can read it (I have one book due back to the library that doesn't have any renewals and a new Paige Toon book on my nook). Yes,I removed the plastic library covering. I paid for it. It's mine now.

Now I can actually read her first book before I read her second (which I have and was waiting to read the first one before I started it).

Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday Update

I know the blog background and banner should be updated to reflect the entire family, but I don't remember how I did that and don't want to pay someone to do it for me.  Ohhhh, Drew.

We're headed to StL for a belated 60th birthday celebration for C's dad. Monkey suggested we take the new car (we usually take my mom's pilot for long trips because it's easier for me to hop in the back quickly and it just holds more crap we take but don't actually need). I told her that was a good idea and that we would probably do that. She's a genius.

But sometimes she's not. We have those pretty "crystal" door knobs on our doors.  They're nice to look at but don't stay on (especially when you have littles trying to open them). Monday morning I noticed the closet door handle came off.  Monkey said she took it off and put it in the closet. The problem, the door was closed.  Second problem, I didn't have my shoes.  Third problem, the baby carrier is in there and I need that baby for this weekend.  Fortunately C saved the day and managed to fix it Monday night. Yay for GMac being able to nap this weekend!

For Mother's Day C got me a gift card for new sandals. He was just going to pick some out but wasn't sure I'd like what he picked.  Turns out he had picked out exactly what I would've gotten.  I stopped at Easton over the weekend and placed my order.  Birkenstock here I come!

As if the kids weren't enough, between the Pilot (which sorta looks like a minivan but is not a minivan) and Birkenstocks I've officially reached Mom status.

Monkey had a sore throat Sunday night. Allergies? Cold? I asked her what hurt. She said, "I told you 60 times! My throat hurts."  Noted.

We're still waiting on the swing set (or playground, if you ask Monkey) to be installed. I'm sure it'll be in right before we leave for StL.

I'm out of things to tell you. So that's it.  Bye!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Photo Dump

Here are some photos that aren't good enough for Instrgam, but still good enough for the blog.

Waiting for da-da! to get out of the car. 

He thinks the sippee cup lid is a pacifier. I know, he has a problem. 

Now he's asking to eat (which he's pretty much always asking). 

Trying on Mommy's lipstick during church. We match!

Sometime's I take snaps of myself and send them to C. 
I think this was "Do I look like one of your clients?" Oddly, I did not get a reponse. 
This would mean I'm on snapchat. I think my user name is radiantone7. 
Check me out at your own risk.

Waiting on Grandma and Emmy to pick her up for her sleepover. 
They were still 20 minutes away at this point. 

Monkey was sick earlier last week. I offered to get her a slushy. She said she wanted the kind of slushy she "liked best. The tan kind." Now GMac is a fan too.  The good news is that the Coke slushy turned her right around.  Best medicine there is!

Monkey is really into tennis (and the tennis outfits) and is getting pretty good. By "pretty good" I mean she makes contact 90% of the time C throws or hits her the ball.  No volleys rallies yet. Is that what it's called? I don't do tennis.