Thursday, June 30, 2016


Last night, while C was trying to go to sleep, I wondered how long I was.  Not how tall, but how long. I'm talking stretched on the group from tippy toes to the middle fingers above my head. I thought I'd hit 8' he thought I'd hit 8'2". The method of measurement would be to lie down on the pavement, mark with chalk, and measure with a measuring tape (which we shockingly knew the location of). When asked why I would want to do this of course I replied, "It'll look good on my resume!"

For some unknown reason he refused to get out of bed at 11:15 p.m. and measure me.

So I had a co-worker measure me today. That didn't look awkward AT ALL.  The result was 7'11" and total bummed-ness.

Tonight I had C remeasure and I hit 8'1"!! He did pull my arm just a bit, but it counts!

Monkey came in at 4'6.5" and C at 8'7" (I thought he'd hit 8'8").

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


GMac is a HUGE fans of buhs (or as the rest of the world calls them, "buses").  Each and every single bus vehicle is pointed out as a "BUH!!" - School buses, cars, the pilot, etc.

I mistakenly(?) downloaded an app to my phone that has buses (and dogs). You click the image and a picture appears with a corresponding sound.  GMac will find me phone, throw it at me, and yell "BUH!" or "GOG GOG." When he really gets going its "BUH!" (find the bus and play the bus), "GOG GOG" (find the dog and play the dog), "BUH!" (find the bus and play the bus), "GOG GOG" (find the dog and play the dog), "BUH!" (find the bus and play the bus), "GOG GOG" (find the dog and play the dog)...I think you get it.

To change it up from that app (because I have to completely pay attention as he's not quite able to find everything on his own yet, we've found bus videos. One with a song and the other just 14 minutes of empty buses driving around Orange County, California.

And not to leave you out, because it's not fair that I'm the only one singing this all day, here's the bus video with the catchy song. Don't drive a car, don't need a truck, ride a BUS!!

So this is what it's like to have a boy.

Friday, June 24, 2016

A recap of my tweets

I sat down to tell you what's up and realized I'm just recapping my tweets. But it isn't really recapping is it as it's longer than the tweet itself?

I've give up on Sweetbitter for the time being. I just can't get in to it. I told myself there are many other books in the sea and there's no reason to stress myself out trying to read it. I'll try again later. So I'm back to British chick-lit and other light reading.

The Cavs!  Oh, my.
I didn't really tweet anything about it because
1) I didn't think they would'could do it.
2) Once I was watching I couldn't tweet about it because, you know, jinxes.
3) It didn't seem real until they were up by 4 with 10 seconds left.
4) After the fact (and still a little bit now) it just doesn't seem real.

And also:
1) That parade. Most awesomest thing ever. Not going to lie, there were tears in my eyes.
2) The reverse thing that LeBron read and reverse read. Chills.

In sad Cavs news, I'm just about over Kevin Love. The wrestling bests, Steve Austin, and the scraggly beard - it's like he's purposely trying to lose me.

The second place hightail to last weekend was purchasing a large bin at TJ Maxx to store Monkey's dress up clothes in.  Adult life.

If I'm telling you about the dress up bin, I also have to report that we purchased a hose reel and push broom.  We are officially adults.

I'm thinking about switching purses. Not getting a new one, just using one that I already have. I've been thinking about it for a few weeks now. You guys, these are the types of big decisions I make every day.

Monkey has colored 40+ pictures for her birthday. She wants to hang them up all over the house we'll be staying at.  I "accidentally" threw some away, which she found when I had her throw something else away.  She rescued them from the trash and they've been added to the pile to take to the beach. Sigh.

Friday, June 17, 2016

a little teeny, tiny, incy, wincy update

Morning glory and hallelujah commanders!

We're a week away from fence installation in the backyard. I'm beginning to realize I'll still have to be right there though as GMac climbs the ladder with ease and then thinks he can climb back down.  But it will be nice for when Monkey's out there as I can stay on the porch. 

I've wanted to repaint our living room, kitchen, and bathroom for a while now.  I'm pretty sure C does not (especially after he helps Emily paint tomorrow).  Before we paint anything we should probably patch our French Country bedroom and make it look like an actual habitable space. So many things to do, so little time so many other things I'm doing instead. 

We've started calling the Pilot the "Bus" as all vehicles GMac sees are buses or in his words "buhs." Every single car we see is a "buh" and they are all pointed out. We even wave goodbye to them. I never thought I'd have enough kids to say "let's get in the bus," but I do. Turns out that number is just two.

over and out