About Us

I was born in 1985. 

In 1986 I turned 1. In 1987 I turned 2. And so on.

Most people remember first meeting their spouse.  Unfortunately, I don't.  Sometime in October 1993 C and his family visited and then joined our church.  I do remember playing in the woods after church, setting up our kingdom in the Elsea basement, and many youth group events, but I can't say it was love at first sight (probably because I looked like a boy when I was 8). Eventually we got our acts together and became best friends, then dated, then went back to being best friends, then dated, then got engaged, then got married. As of 2013 we are homeowners, garden owners, and kid owners - Monkey joined us in July 2012,  GMac made his grand entrance on New Years Day 2015, and Dex entered the world on Valentines Day 2018.  Right out of a movie, I tell ya.

I am also blessed to have an awesome family, great church, and overall wonderful life. I wouldn't change it for the world.   I enjoy reading, watching lots of t.v. (please don't think less of me for it), cooking, THE CLEVELAND INDIANS, basketball, the beach, Coke slushies, Ho Hos, and being outdoors.

The blog came into existence in 2009 while C was studying for the bar and I was spending my nights as a law school/bar widow.  Fortunately, when your husband graduates from law school it is customary (at least in the Elsea household) to get your own computer. Score! And thus, out of boredom, the blog began.

I hope you enjoy my (almost) daily ramblings.  Please excuse the poor spelling and grammar.  I am product of public schools and their (short lived) "whole language" concept. 

Oh, and I want a puppy.