Wednesday, May 13, 2020

quarantine views: week 9

Good Morning!

We're still living up the life over here.  Homeschooling in the mornings (when I'm not at work) and watching Disney+ (a very good investment during these times) while Dex naps in the afternoons.  When it's nice, which is hasn't been, we spend the day outside.

I've read my way through 14 books (check the log, starting with The Two Lives of Lydia Bird) and I've started taking a lot of what I call "pandemic baths" which is just a regular bath during a pandemic.  I take several a week and allow myself a bath bomb or bubble bar each time.  C and I had an unconventional date night that involved driving around Pickerington, picking up dinner, eating it at church, followed by playing ping pong at church. A date night to remember.

We dropped some dinner off to Miriam.

Each of the bigs have gotten a single trip to the store.  Fully masked and gloved which everyone should appreciate as they like to touch and lick (GMac) everything. You're welcome.

We spent an hour at church just running around and playing.  It was probably the happiest the kids have been in weeks. 

Coke Slushy King. Yes, I let my 2 year old have a coke slushy. 

Sleepovers have become the norm for these two. 

We had to pick up some ping pong supplies on our date night.

I ordered some decorate your own cookies from CourtneysCutOuts for everyone to do for Mother's Day.  C and I ended up making them and I was a-okay with that as I didn't have the stamina to have the kids make them by the end of Sunday. 

The library has curbside pick up! I can stop spending so much on kindle books (I know, I can borrow electronic books, too).  All books are quarantined for three days after their return. 

Yesterday was a nice day and on nice days we go on a walk. Usually a lap around Sanderson exploring nature stuff and yelling at the kids to not go near the playground. "WHAT'S EVEN THE POINT?" as GMac has proclaimed. 

This walk involved a lap on the trails in the woods. 

Have Mickey, will travel.

A walk to Sanderson isn't complete without a stop for pictures with the school buses.

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