Wednesday, May 6, 2020

quarantine views: week 8

My calculations say it's week 8 of quarantine. Not sure if we're entering week 8 or leaving it, but it's week 8.

Stopping this to deal with the overly talkative two year old who wants a large heavy blanket fashioned on him as a cape. 

Back to quarantine life.  Despite being home all the time, things are hectic.  There are so many more hats and I'm missing it taking a community to raise our kids.  There's a reason why I gave up the education degree.

Here are some scenes from the last week.

Our neighbors flagged down the Kona Ice truck and Ainsley was able to say "I thought this was a bad day, but it's a good day!" Thanks a lot, kid.

Eight feet on my walk with mom.

I found hand sanitizer (but couldn't open the bottles) so I called C to Kroger's from work and called my dad from home and they each came and bought the limit of two. 

The kids did a scavenger hunt Grandma Elsea sent. GMac touched dog poop. I asked why. He said he thought it was poop, but it was mud.  I informed him it was poop and he was banned from using that hand until we got home.  Boys. 

Little boy, big chair. 

We went to church for the first time in 7 weeks, just us, and masked up. 

Pardon the large eyes. C couldn't get a picture of me without blinking so I was working hard to keep them open.

Breakfast of quarantine champions who wake at 6:30 a.m. and come to Mommy 2+ times during the night.

GMac lost his glasses in the creek so Emmy got him some replacements. Hard to believe he doesn't like them as he wears them constantly.

He insists on carrying the book all the way home when it's an accomplishment that he just makes it walking the entire way. 

Also, for those wondering how far we live from my parents, from door to door it's the length of the Titanic. 

Grandma Elsea sent waster guns. Dex just likes dumping his out. 

Reading and waiting for Grandma to drop something off.

While working and homeschooling this guy wanted to sit in my lap. I thought he was rubbing a tag on his face. Turns out it was a pen. I can see how it feels the same as a tag. 

Little Laverne, but with Coke. 

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