Friday, February 4, 2022

Eleri Jean

 Eleri Jean joined us on March 17, 2021. A St. Patricks Day Pandemic Baby!

Eleri Jean, or as we will call her here, Elbow, got the memo that Elsea kids are born on holidays and joined us right on time (which is easy when you're evicted). 

She's the perfect addition to our family and the feisty one. 

I'm kidding. She's been super easy so far. A great baby.  But she does have a strong will. I'm thinking it's because she's spoiled by the older three. 

I'm so late in informing you of her arrival that she's already driving. 

This my be my last blog post for a while. Turns out blogger still isn't super friendly, so I'll find something else to fill my "putting off work I need to get done" time with. At the very least I added Elbow to the blog so she can't say she's not. part of the blog family years from now. 

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