Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday Update

I know the blog background and banner should be updated to reflect the entire family, but I don't remember how I did that and don't want to pay someone to do it for me.  Ohhhh, Drew.

We're headed to StL for a belated 60th birthday celebration for C's dad. Monkey suggested we take the new car (we usually take my mom's pilot for long trips because it's easier for me to hop in the back quickly and it just holds more crap we take but don't actually need). I told her that was a good idea and that we would probably do that. She's a genius.

But sometimes she's not. We have those pretty "crystal" door knobs on our doors.  They're nice to look at but don't stay on (especially when you have littles trying to open them). Monday morning I noticed the closet door handle came off.  Monkey said she took it off and put it in the closet. The problem, the door was closed.  Second problem, I didn't have my shoes.  Third problem, the baby carrier is in there and I need that baby for this weekend.  Fortunately C saved the day and managed to fix it Monday night. Yay for GMac being able to nap this weekend!

For Mother's Day C got me a gift card for new sandals. He was just going to pick some out but wasn't sure I'd like what he picked.  Turns out he had picked out exactly what I would've gotten.  I stopped at Easton over the weekend and placed my order.  Birkenstock here I come!

As if the kids weren't enough, between the Pilot (which sorta looks like a minivan but is not a minivan) and Birkenstocks I've officially reached Mom status.

Monkey had a sore throat Sunday night. Allergies? Cold? I asked her what hurt. She said, "I told you 60 times! My throat hurts."  Noted.

We're still waiting on the swing set (or playground, if you ask Monkey) to be installed. I'm sure it'll be in right before we leave for StL.

I'm out of things to tell you. So that's it.  Bye!

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