Monday, January 25, 2016

Weekend Rewind


All you need to know about this past weekend is that I am knee deep in an eBay bidding "war" (read: there have been 7 bids total, I've been bid 5 and 7) for an Ergo baby carrier. I don't normally do this kind of thing (my only other eBay bid was 6 years ago for some Keens) so you can imagine my anxiety levels are a bit higher than normal.  The auction (is that even what they call them?) ends at 2:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and I NEED THIS BABY CARRIER!!

I am not including a picture for fear you all will bid me up. 

Why?  Because GMac is quickly reaching the Baby Bjorn weight limit and is a bit of a sun-downer in that every day at 4:45 he gets all "hold me! hold me!" which makes preparing a semi-decent dinner next to impossible.

I had Monkey step on a scale at the doctor's office last Friday. I'm please to report shes a whopping 32 pounds (fully clothed and holding an iPhone). Assuming I win this baby carrier (AND I WILL) she still has 13 pounds of baby carrying left.

In other, non-eBay bidding news, I've finished four books so far this year. While I don't expect to be able to keep that rate up, I do need some suggestions. Please keep them light. I don't need enlightened, I need entertained.  I'm hoping to get to a biography of sorts by  Spring. I don't do period books (nothing old) and also I do not do heavy reading for fun as I don't enjoy books with big words I have to look up (because that's not enjoyable to me).  Kuddos to the nook for having a built in dictionary. Just thinking about difficult books gave me a head ache.

I'm missing this book again. This is the third time I have lost it in my house. Mark found it the first time, I found it the second time so who knows who will find it the third time. I've searched my two boxes of books (fancy book storage, eh?) and can't find it.  I'm offering another reward for it's return. I'd like to find it before our trip, but I'm not holding my breath.

Gmac is still not talking.  We have "baba" for a bottle (and possibly food) and the very lose usage of "Mama" for whenever he wants something.  He has said "papa" once to my dad and "yes" when I asked if I could leave him home with C while I went to Starbucks, but other than that, nada.  It's probably because Monkey talks enough for all of us.

Happy Monday (and please send book recommendations).

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