Thursday, April 11, 2019

"At least we got some good photos."

Tuesday  night we took the kids to the Clippers game.  C's gone for the rest of the week, so we thought it'd be a fun little family outing.  When C suggested we go, instead of my normal, "It'll be too much work, we won't enjoy the game, the kids will be crazy" response, I threw caution to the wind and said sure (while still thinking the rest).

It was kinda mayhem and we won't be taking all three back anytime soon, but as C said Wednesday morning, "at least we got some good photos."

I was all over this single parenting week and was ready to concur the world, but now that C's at his retreat, Dex and I have nice little upper respiratory illnesses going on and Monkey down with some sort of bug.   I have zero expectations for tonight and am looking forward to brie and maybe wine tonight while counting down the hours until C's home.

Little Davidson in Great-great Grandpa's hat. 

Tuesdays are the one day the kids go to our amazing babysitter's house. 
Tuesdays are also the days when Dex is the most clingy because because he spent the day away from Mommy (and Papa). He obviously wants nothing to do with C and spent most of the game walking around in the baby carrier. 

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