Monday, April 15, 2019

Jesus is going to ride a donkey to Ohio?

Well, we made it through church yesterday without GMac asked where Jesus and the donkey were. Saturday night I reminded the kids that Sunday was Palm Sunday, when Jesus rode in on a donkey. To which GMac quickly asked, "Jesus is going to ride a donkey to Ohio?" That'd be a sight.  Jesus riding a donkey right down I-70.

C made it home from his retreat mid-afternoon on Friday. We were all elated.  At GMac,s request, and my proclamation of not making dinner, we had Maria's.  The kids watched a Star Wars movie. Which one, I cannot say, as they are all the same to me. I went on a walk.

We took it easy on Saturday. I put up my peony supports (YOU GUYS, MY BLOG POSTS ARE SO EXCITING) and C purchased a power washer. I'd show before and after pics, but they are rather embarrassing. While he was power washing I converted the tricycle to a Dex friendly bike and then we took the kids to Sanderson (and I walked again...just a few more years before I'm waiting for the mall doors to open at 10:00 a.m. so I can get my laps in).

I walked again yesterday afternoon (maybe I should've titled this post "Rachel took walks") while C watched the Masters. Then he did taxes and I mothered. 

That's really it.  Come back tomorrow to see the kid's Spring Break To Do List!

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