Tuesday, March 26, 2019

I'm going to start this post like I start all posts, by apologizing for not blogging more.

Some people give things up for lent, I like to try to add things.  Granted this year I didn't. Maybe I should've added blogging more.  But most would probably say that's not what the church means by giving up or adding something during Lent. But really, I'm just working on keeping my resolutions:

Read everyday - 90 days in a row
Bike or walk everyday - 90 days in a row
NO COKE (this one's harder) - 3 days in a row
Devotion everyday - 6 days in a row (missed after 77 days straight, ugh)
No Starbucks (this is easier since I have my own machine, BUT takes away the point of not having a mocha) - 2 days in a row (apparently this is harder than I thought it'd be

Anyway, if I were blogging regularly you'd read more stories like how GMac was adamant he wasn't going to school today because he was "very sick." And when we got to my parents he told me "I didn't bring my backpack" (so ha! he couldn't go) and I pointed out it was in my hands.  So HA! I assured him it was only two hours long and he'd be fine (he's coughing, or "toughing" as he calls it).  That kid heard two hours and then suggested to my mom he stay at their house for two hours today.

This kid will be a struggle.


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