Thursday, May 17, 2018

stuffs and things and links (all related to feeding Dex)

I started watching Friends the other night.  It'll be my new "everyone else is in bed and I need to wait to feed the baby and pump because going to bed for one or two hours only to be up for 40 minutes doesn't make sense" show. There are 236 episodes giving me 86.5 hours of tv so I should be done by the time we go to the beach in August.

The handle of my pumping bag broke. Wah-wah.  It was a Spartina Market Tote and the perfect bag.  I'm using a vera bag while I figure out what I want next (or if I want to spend that much on another Spartina). I'm going to the Red Cross Power of the Purse auction tomorrow night. I may check out their pumping bag section to see what they have.

Speaking of pumping, occasionally I get a waive on anxiety before and at the beginning of a pumping session (I don't know if "pumping session" is the technical term, but it's what I've adopted).  It comes and it goes, I get it for a few days and then it's gone for weeks. Thinking this phenomenon was just me, I googled it.  It's a real thing.

I have almost two hours to fill while I'm pumping so I got Max Lucado's God Is With You Every Day devotion for my Nook (yes, I know I liked to Amazon when I got it from B&N).  I pull it up on my phone and it's a short little devotion everyday that has been scarily spot on most of the time.  Funny how God works.

When I'm not reading my daily devotion while pumping, I'm playing Skip-Bo.

Hi, I'm Rachel and I'm addicted to Skip-Bo.

The last baby feeding related note... Dex seems to get mad if you're feeding him and not looking at him.  He'll start to fuss and refuse the bottle until you make eye contact again.

Not feeding related, after he sneezes he makes the cutest noise. I'll try to catch it on video.

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