Tuesday, May 15, 2018

How many macaroons did you have this weekend? I had 10.

After ten months, I thought it was time for another Weekend Rewind. I'm going to ease myself back in to these and just bullet point the weekend. No pictures because I'm lazy. Sorry!

(our A/C was not cooling...realized this on Thursday)
- C and I went to the North Market (where I purchased 12 macaroons), Martini for dinner, Homage for a t-shirt, a cute kids store for books, and Jeni's for C for dessert.

Side note: We had dinner at FIG in Charleston when I was pregnant with GMac.  After dinner we asked our waiter for a dessert recommendation. He told us we had to try this "great new place in town called Jeni's!" We politely passed.

- Picked up the kids from Mom and Dad's (where Dex pooped)

(A/C is still not cooling, Lancaster is getting hotter)
- Cinnamon rolls for breakfast.
- Trip to the Lancaster Greenhouse for flowers, a tree, and a shrub,
- Planted flowers in the front planters.
- Napped (despite several kid interruptions)
- Grilled burgers for dinner.
- Took a walk.
- Remembered we have a whole house fan.  Cooled the upstairs down to 74°. 
- Finished Modern Family (all the tears...now what do I watch? Suggestions please.)
- Dex did not poop.

(A/C is still not cooling, Lancaster is even hotter)
- Mochas on the way to church.
- Sunday school and church, one of the best ones in a while.
- Had Mom, Dad, Emily, and Clover for Mother's Day lunch of filets, grilled potatoes, and wedge salads. Oh, and Joseph Phelps Cabernet.
- Played fibbage! Finally! I've been trying to get people to play with me for a month+.
- C called the A/C people.
- Tried to nap, but didn't as the house was so hot.
- C texted that the A/C people were coming today! so I laid in bed worrying how much it would cost.
- Planted Mother's Day geraniums from church.
- A/C is fixed! Nothing was wrong, super dirty filter (we knew that and had taken it out but were took scared to turn it on without a filter thanks to the scary google).
- BBQ Chicken Flat Bread for dinner.
- Took another walk.
- Started Chef's Table Pastries.  Watched half of the four episode season.
- Dex did not poop.

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