Tuesday, May 30, 2017

best. weekend. ever. (or at least in a long time)

C proclaimed this weekend the best weekend in a long, long time. There wasn't anything too special about it.

Saturday I went to the Indians game.  Progressive Field is one of my happy places.


C and the kids stayed home and did the following:
- Sam's Club for diapers, pull ups, toilet paper, and paper towels.
- Bed, Bath, and Beyond for new sheets and a grease splatter shield.
- Barnes and Noble for cheesecake and a mocha.
- Sycamore Creek Park (or maybe a different one?) for a hike of sorts.

This was the second Sunday that we haven't had Sunday School for the summer, but the first Sunday for us (because I can't read the bulletin) so we got donuts and mochas and played outside until it was time for church.  I should point out this is my last mocha until the beach trip in July. I apologize in advance for any crankiness (especially on Tuesday mornings) and appreciate the thoughts and prayers. I am still allowing Passion Tea Lemonade from Starbucks (gotta get those stars!).

After church I ran to get flowers for Emily's house. Then we took naps and grilled steaks for dinner.  During dinner we decided the kids need a new sandbox and by sandbox I mean a Rubbermaid container with sand in it.  So we went to Lowes for said supplies and came home with a new sandbox and fire pit (something I had told C we'd get for Father's Day last year).

I'm predicting many a (contained) fire in our backyard this year. C even has plans for Thanksgiving.

Monday morning we packed up and headed to Emily's house for some planting (me), a parade, and cookout. The parade was perfect small kiddo length with a fire truck, ambulance, color guard, and band.  We were at the end of the route and made it back to Emily's 30 minutes after start time.

Waving to the woo-woos

The kids love it up there and were only content to leave when we said we had to go home in order to go to the pool. After naps we packed up and went to the very freezing pool.

Flirting with the girls.

We ended the weekend with another fire (there may have been more stern voices than usual as I get a bit paranoid with the kids around the open flames), smores, and a glass of wine.

All in all, the best weekend ever.

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