Friday, May 26, 2017

a few generalities

I'm not sure if "generalities" can be a post title, but I'm making it one.  When have I ever been one to follow blog rules?

Speaking of blog/word rules and etiquette, after discovering C's love for fonts, I sent him an urgent email the other day (with a read receipt which apparently he read before I sent which is even weirder since his office is west of mine) asking what font point size was more appropriate for my emails (10 or 12).  He didn't respond as he thought it was a joke.  It wasn't. I'm currently at 10 point, waiting on feedback from those in the know.

Today is our first day of summer vaca (because yesterday was a regular "no school" day for the Monkey). I've got exciting plans such as going to the jewelry store to see if they can fix C's watch and my necklace. 

GMac's vocabulary is growing by the day.  He's stringing words together like a pro.  Wednesday he said "no run round" and on Tuesday he said "no hit Cali day!" (Someone has been having some hitting problems...just like when his daddy was his age).

Tomorrow I'm headed to Cleveland for the Indians game with Dad and Emily but we're not telling Monkey because she'll want to come because the Indians  have snow cones and why else would you need to go to a baseball game?

I finished the Great British Baking Show Netflix and don't know what to do with myself.  New British show suggestions please!

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