Friday, June 2, 2017

Who needs a state of the art playground, anyway?

I took the kids to Sanderson on Wednesday.  Where they played on the only pieces of playground equipment that where there for the majority of my elementary years (a swing set, fort, and physical fitness trail).

GMac is now demanding to wear TWO daddy shirts at once.  This boy is after my preppy heart.  We're going to go ahead and apply for him to attend Miami. 

Poor Baby Maya couldn't be bothered to get dressed as her mommy (Monkey, not me) says her outfit is in case the outfit she is wearing (her cloth body) gets dirty. Four year old logic. 

I remember a kid jumping from the fire poll and breaking his leg.  This structure (if it can even be called that) isn't the safest (or funnest).

After swinging we found a few daddy long legs (new to the kids) or "daddy spis" as GMac called them and spent a good amount of time looking for more (to no avail).  

Who needs a cool playground anyway? 

Ok, we kinda do.  Good thing a new, pre-school sized playground is coming soon. 

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