Wednesday, March 1, 2017

What's Up Wedensday

What we're eating this week. On the menu this week is cheeseburger pie and SkinnyTaste's Baked Broccoli Macaroni and Cheese.

What I'm reminiscing about. With baseball back, all I can think about is the playoffs last year.  It still gives me chills. Get a life, RACHEL. 

What I'm loving. Our new neighborhood/house. It's quiet, bigger, has more sky views (still in a neighborhood, but not quite as cramped). I'm also loving the kids being able to play outside without

What we've been up to. We're still getting settled.  The guest room is ready and now to unpack those boxes we've pushed to the side.

What I'm dreading. Eating way healthier (starting today). Cutting out mochas and some dairy and gluten (but not all, because that's just not right).

What I'm working on. A 1000 piece puzzle and unpacking and organizing.

What I'm excited about. The effects of eating healthier?

What I'm watching/reading. I'm not ashamed to admit it, I'm re-watching Gossip Girl while I bike. I've put a handful of books on hold at the library so if Today Will Be Different doesn't' work out, hopefully one of those will.

What I'm listening to. I'm not a big listener, but I've been trying to listen to more music at home thanks to Pandora.

What I'm wearing. I'm really trying to do better about this.  If it's a day I'm home with the kids, I try to at least put on jeans.  Yoga pants are just too comfy.

What I'm doing this weekend. Getting ready for Grandma Elsea's arrival!

What I'm looking forward to next month. Opening Day.  Can you tell what's consuming my life outside of kids?

What else is new. I think we're getting in our new groove. A new house means new routines and for GMac that's waking earlier and coming in to our bed (we put a big bog railing on his bed) which means earlier wake ups for us and longer, more tiring days.

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