Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Things for Tuesday

I finished my third book of the year this weekend.  It was nice to read a book and really enjoy it. I'm really struggling at finding books I can't put down this year. I just put five books on hold at the library so maybe things are looking up. Next up is Tomorrow Will Be Different and I'm not sure how I feel about it so far ("so far" being 25 pages in). Wish me luck.

Speaking of reading, sorta, Monkey is still adjusting a bit to a larger house. Primarily, not being able to hear what's happening while she's in bed and we're still downstairs.  Since we now have a guest bed across the hall I told her I'd read in there while she goes to sleep.  But I won't really be able to read because she'll just want to talk. Thinking of maybe getting a white noise machine.

GMac has two new words/phrases which are the cutest. They are so cute because 1) I am his mother and 2) they only sound a teeny bit like what he's trying to say and I say "teeny bit" in that I can hardly guess and I'm his mom.  Those words are "Oh, I forgot!" and "alright." The "Oh, I forgot" is used when I tell him I need to put on a new diaper and he asks "why" and I respond, "because you don't have one on, " thus the "oh, I forgot."  The "alright" is used when finally agreeing to do something (like getting out of the bath tub).  The kid likes baths so much that he lies in there after all the water is out.

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