Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Weekend Rewind

How about a nice weekend rewind to start this four day week. The kids spent most the the weekend outside, but I'll fill in the gaps.

Right before dinner on Friday we got ice cream because the weather was just too nice not to.  GMac had what may be his first ice cream cone.  It's safe to say he's a fan. After getting sufficiently dirty outside we had baths and movie time.  We're currently watching The Secret Life of Pets (or "Ma" (Max) and GMac calls it) on repeat.

Saturday morning called for a trip to Starbucks and Donut World. C tried (and failed) to work from home so he headed to the office.  The kids played outside while I got some work done around the house (got a few screens on windows and straightened up the garage a bit...that's a long project).

Saturday evening my parents and Emily came over for dinner.  It's nice to have people over and not feel like we're all on top of each other.  We also had a Kids Baking Championship which Monkey won!  There is also a very cute video, but I'll refrain from posting it as the competitor wasn't wearing a shirt under her apron.

Sunday morning we went to church.  While Monkey was in Sunday School, GMac and I were watching the Falcon 9 rocket launch. 

After lunch we iced Monkey's cupcakes.  I, for one, am so proud of my icing. 

After naps we loaded in the car and took Monkey's cupcakes to church for the bake-off portion of the Chili Cook-Off.  I'm please to report that after some sneaky ballot box stuffing, SHE WON!! 

But she didn't want to win. It makes her "worried" (shy).  

Monday we went to Mom and Dad's (we walk) to make pate a choux (Monkey's been watching the eclair episode on loop).  She says "pate a choux" better than the rest of us.  It was actually a danish puff, but there's pate a choux on top so that's what we're calling it. 

After the danish puff was done we went to Schmidt's. 

Then we headed home to pick up the Danish Puff

And that was our weekend.  

See ya later, gators.  

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