Thursday, February 16, 2017

like most of my posts, there is no rhyme or reason or organization to this.

Twitter was A++ today.

Remember how I used to binge watch Big Love? Those were the days.  Now it's Gossip Girl (I just realized I missed an episode.  Nate was all "Blair, remember the debutante ball?" and I was all "NO!" so looks like I'm going back three episodes. How do you miss an episode when they are all lined up right in front of you?). Next up is probably Barney. Who needs Big Girl TV? Not me.

Baseball is back, the sun is setting after 6 p.m., and it's supposed to be in the high 60's this weekend.  All is right with the world. Or at least, that's how I'm viewing it.

Our house is slowly starting to feel like home.  Yesterday I was able to get some stuff done in the upstairs play room (some would call it a dining room, and I call it the dining room, but there isn't a single piece of dining room furniture in there). GMac immediately ran in, dumped his cars, and played car crashes to no end.

Pictures need hung and we're going to paint the kitchen.  I'm thinking with some "art work" on the walls it'll fell more like ours.

The kids are loving playing outside.  GMac has asked everyday to go outside. Maybe because it's easier for him to get out than it was before (as in, he can always see the door to the backyard)? I explain that it's too cold and he replies "oat!"  Sometimes it's even too cold for his coat.

I've started assembling my 1000 piece puzzle.  There is a lot of sand and water, but I'll get it done. I hope.  Of course, I finished the boat first. Easy-peasy.

Now that we're moved and settled (enough) I need to make a monster grocery run and start legit cooking again.  Now if I could just find yummy things to make.

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