Wednesday, November 30, 2016

What's Up Wednesday

What we're eating. Right now, whatever is easiest. Next week, Skinnytaste recipes in my band spankin' new InstaPot!

What I'm reminiscing about.  Summer. Daylight.

What I'm loving. Let me get back to this.

What I've been up to. We've had a week of Monkey this week (more on that tomorrow). Other than that we've been getting the house "show ready" every night. Exciting! (not)

What I'm working on. Getting excited about Christmas. I'm not sure why I'm not feeling it yet. It's probably a mixture of trying to keep the house clean and thus not putting up decorations yet; 56 degree temps today; and a very hectic November. I'm also working on getting back to biking. I did it a bit this week but really need to go longer next week.

What I'm excited about. C being done with this work project. Today is the last day (I'm told) so all my fingers and toes are crossed that the super-late work nights are done for a while.

What I'm watching/reading. Hallmark Christmas movies are my homeboy. I watched two last night.  I also finished The Bookshop on the Corner (don't get me started on the title because her bookshop is in a van. Wait... is it because she parks it and thus it's on the corner? Maybe it does make sense.). I think I'll finish Furiously Happy next.

What I'm listening to. Christmas music, because if I listen to Christmas music it'll make me be in the Christmas mood, right?

What I'm wearing. Clothes.  Yoga pants (don't do yoga) or tennis pants (don't do tennis) or jeans and shirts. Honestly my style has been lacking lately.

What I'm doing this weekend. C's cousin's wedding. This will be the kids first wedding (attending) so that'll be interesting.

What I'm looking forward to next month. Christmas and Christmas prep! C and I are taking a day to get Christmas shopping done.

What else is new. Things aren't too exciting around here. I'm being serious.

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