Wednesday, November 23, 2016

It's about to get all Pollyanna up in here.

Happy Birthday, Charles!

Nothing says "Happy Birthday" like cleaning your house like a madman for a 10 am showing, am I right?

Stress has been my middle name this month. I plan on fixing that today. Right now, even. I hope.

I'm starting by listing what I'm thankful for. I'm about to go all Pollyanna on you.

C - He makes me laugh and grounds me.

Monkey - the chatter box can be a handful, but boy is she the sweetest.  Offering to be GMac's Mommy when I'm not around.

GMac - we're almost to two, and you know what that means, but this kid keeps us laughing on end. Only GMac can be disgusted with A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.

Family - We are blessed to live close to family. It's a blessing to be able to see them whenever we want (or have a place to run to when we need to be out of our house). And for the family that lives far, we get to see them more than your average long-distance family and we couldn't be gladder! 

That we have a house we can sell.  I'm sure it's normally stressful to sell a house, but you know whats even more stressful, trying to sell a house and hide your innate slob. Yeah, we Elseas are the neatest and it starts with me. There are better things to do in life than clean. 

My job - Jobs can be stressful (or a nice break from parenting - seriously, who else would rather be at work when they are sick!? Sorry, coworkers :) ), but they help put food on the table or provide health insurance and if you're lucky like me, you work with some of the greatest girls around. 

Books - the one resolution I've really stuck with this year (except for Playoff season) was reading every day.  What a great outlet. I've gone so many places thanks to books (primarily England). 

Outside - It may be getting darker right after lunch, but being outside and getting fresh air is awesome. 

There's many, many more, but my kids (who I'm very grateful for) want to sit in my lap. 

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

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