Friday, November 18, 2016

this may be the earliest i've ever written a blog post


My 6:30 a.m. alarm and I are up and at 'em. It's so nice not to have to set an alarm anymore....

The kids and I are sick.  Well, not Monkey, because she's "not coughing." But yeah, the three of us are sick.

While putting off going to bed the other night, I watched an episode of Ina Garten.  A pizza truck, maybe called "Rolling Dough," came to her house to show Jeffrey (bless his heart for marrying her) how to make pizza.  Ina made a salad prior to the truck's arrival.  The salad was to pair nicely with the pizza, but you know what? They never ate the pizza!  It was never mentioned again. I even rewound the entire episode to make sure they didn't eat it at the beginning and I just missed it. Nope. Where is that pizza!

First thing GMac does when he wakes up is yell, "Mama!"  Once I get him he wants his "waa-waa" which is very confusing because 99% of the time he means "milk." He'll drink his milk while sitting on me (while I'm trying to catch an extra 5 minutes of shut eye) and then he's off tilling the land on his farm. This time "Melmo" got to go along with him.

GMac got his hair cut yesterday. I'm talking a legit cut. I know C isn't the happiest about it, but he's still the same cute, little ornery boy on the inside and it'll grow back quicker than he can say "Why'd you cut my hair, Mama?!"

Right now I hear him tearing something up at my feet but you know what? I don't really want to sit up to see what it is. Let 'em be little.

Two 'ems in one post. Nice, Rachel!

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