Tuesday, August 2, 2016


We're headed to Chicago in a short three months. I know, I know that's forever away and you shouldn't wish your life away, BUT I'm so excited to go. It's been way too long (December 2012) since we've been there and it's kinda our city. 

Don't tell C, but I'm already planning out our days.  Saturday - downtown; Sunday - church and downtown(?); Monday - Concordia, Oak Park, Bears Game. 

Since it's been four years since we've been there, and I have a lot of facebook peeps in the area, what's new in the greater Chicago area? What must we do and, more importantly, where must we eat? 

In honor of our trip to Chicago, here is one of the few pictures I have of us from our college years. Taken  in a Red Line station on the way to a Cubs/Cards game on a very warm spring day (hence the sweat shine on my face).

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