Monday, August 1, 2016

Monday, Monday.

Am I the only one who really wants Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick to get back together? The weirdest part of this is that I don't watch the Kardashians. I've seen like two clips so I obviously don't have the full story (at least the one that's told on t.v.) and am most likely the only one that wants them to make it work.

Also, their butts.  Not real. Why would someone want to make their butt look like that? I can't let it go. LET IT GO, RACHEL!

That's really the only reason I started this post and since the Kardashian's shouldn't make their own post, now I have to think of other things to say.

The Elseas had a good weekend if I do say so myself.

Friday was spent playing in the back yard. After the kids went to bed we had popcorn and coke and watched Parks and Rec (you may remember how we started this shortly after GMac was born. Yeah, never got around to finishing it).

Saturday was spent at the pool and then C and I went to Easton to use my Melting Pot gift card he got me for Christmas while the kids spent the evening with my parents (which is where they want to be every day...Monkey woke up Friday upset that she had to stay home with me) at a splash pad in roundtown. We did the usual at Easton: trip to the apple store to fix a broken apple product (C's shattered screen), pick out apple products we can't afford (pink macbook), spend time reading at Barnes and Noble, and a Starbucks for the road.

Saturday night was also a big Harry Potter release party at Barnes and Noble.  Apparently there is a new book out? We grilled the checkout lady about it as we aren't Harry Potter people (Where are the books? How many are there? What will these people do for the next 8 hours? Did you bring in extra staff?)

Sunday we went to church and the pool.  I got to stay after to read while the kiddos went home to nap. That's really the bee's knees.  Doesn't get any better. We had grilled chicken for dinner and the kids played in the dirt. Are you beginning to see why I don't do weekend rewinds anymore?

And in other news (read: stuff I had typed in this draft before I turned it in to a weekend rewind):

We went to my sister's for dinner the last week. I took away two things:
1. We probably, most definitely are not going to be invited back. Things were broken (lamps), chips were crushed into the floors, rice was smooshed into chairs, loud noises were everywhere.
2. We ate this pork. It was SO good. Like best thing I've had in a while. Good job, Emily. It's now in our permanent food rotation.

I requested two Carole Matthews books on InterLibrary Loan. I'm not sure I can read one of them. Just doesn't look that good.  But since it's InterLibrary Loan I feel like I have to. Then again this one is from Caldwell, Ohio, not Columbia, South Carolina like the last one.

Monkey has been 4 for two and a half weeks now.  Every other day she'll say, "But I don't feel like I'm 4."

The Indians. OMG, the Indians. We're headed to Chicago in October. I'm already worried about a possible Indians World Series while were there.  The cart is so ahead of the horse I can't even see it anymore.

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