Tuesday, April 5, 2016

a little, teeny, tiny update

GMac still isn't talking. Although he did say a gibberish sentence the other day. Let's just assume he isn't talking unless you hear otherwise.

We watched The Martian over the weekend.  So good.  I'm 433rd in line at the library for it (we got a Redbox) but I think I'll stay in line so that in 7 months we can watch it again.

While lilies are my #1 go to flower of choice for smelling purposes, Hyacinths are a very close second.

I am currently missing three work outfits. A blue maxi dress. A lime green top. A purple and black top. So today I wore a dress. It was 25 when I got to work (and felt like 17). I'm still trying to warm up.

The good news is that in looking for the MIA clothes, I found a black summer dress I haven't seen since we moved (four years ago).  That brings the things I'm missing from the move down to two: a sauce pan (my favorite too!) and an orange Banana Republic top.

Monkey has summer birthday snacks at school next week and has requested Rapunzel cupcakes. Guess what I'm trying to figure out how to make? Suggestions appreciated.

That concludes today's update.

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