Tuesday, May 3, 2016

I'm paying $10 a year for this domain name so I might as well blog.

An update, an update, an uuupppdddaaattteee!

Not really. 

Here are some meandering thoughts. 

I used to semi-travel the world. Ok, ok, I took a trip to India. Now my dreams are a bit smaller. Maybe a trip to Easton? #parenthood 

Speaking of Easton, I'd like to go to Costco. Again, #parenthood

I finished book #22 last night. Just when I thought I was running out of books to read (there are only so many in this world) I found a few more to put on hold at the library so hold on to those recommendations for now. I'll be asking soon enough. 

Monkey has five more days of preschool. I can't even. 

GMac still only have five words. It's the cutest.

Have you ever just stopped to watch little kids explore? I could do it all day.  I always wonder what they are thinking. Why they are putting this in to that and how it entertains them for so long. GMac's current obsession are the pots and pans cabinet as well as the chip clips. 

We're starting a rather large backyard project and I am muy, muy excited about it. Pushing back the fence to the property line, regrading, grassing, mulching, and swing setting. And no, we will not be tearing down the cinder block garage, GUY DOWN THE STREET. Leave us be! 

I just realized last night that t.v. seems to be over for the year. My shows have disappeared.  Speaking of which I'd like a good documentary to watch. I'd like to see The First Monday in May, but I'm not sure where to find it.  Any other suggestions?

I've never been in a limo. 

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