Friday, October 2, 2015

All of her Emmys

You're going to need a flow chart for today's post:

Aunt Amy: My Aunt Amy, techincally Monkey and GMac's Great Aunt. 
Emmy: My sister
Aunt Emily: C's sister.
Aunt Amilia: C's sister. 
Little Emily: A little girl Ainsley's age at church (not in this post, but it adds to the numberof Emily's in our lives).

Onward (and upward).

All of Monkey's aunts (and GMac's too, duh) have October birthdays.  There are three of them.  Two of them are Emily's. Emmy's birthday is Sunday and we've already sent that card. Aunt EMily and Aunt Amilia have birthdays next week.  It's quite confusing for a three year old.

Today we worked on birthday cards for Aunt Amilia and Aunt Emily.

This conversation took place:

Me: We need to color these cards for Aunt Emily and Aunt Amilia.

Monkey: Which Emmy? I have three Emmys.

Me: You do?

Monkey: Yes.

Me: Oh. You have Aunt Amy, Emmy, and Aunt Emily who is Sammy's Mommy.

Monkey:  Yeah. That's three.

Me: Yes. You're right.

Schooled by a three year old. Amy and Emily do sound very similar.

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