Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Weekday Update

Long time, no type. I blame the end of summer blues. Or maybe it's end of the Papal visit blues (that's an entire post in and over itself).

I read everywhere how "Fall if my FAVORITE season" or "PUMPKIN SPICE EVERYTHING!"

You guys are crazy. Have you not met Summer? Summer and non-pumpkin flavored things is where it's at.

Hold that thought, gotta stop GMac from licking the garbage can.

Have you seen the fall Starbucks cups? Those are on point (and the one savign grace of letting go over Summer). However, our Krogers doesn't seem to have them in Grande (or my missing sunglasses for that matter). I've been usimg that as my excuse to get a mocha when I drop the kids off.  You'd like I'd get the message that they have the fall cups in all sizes except Grande, but noooo, I keep going.  Help.

That being said today I'm putting up my fall wreath. I wanted to wait until October 1st, but today's my day at home.  Also, this week a trip to pumpkin "patch" is also lined up (we just go to Mr. Neeley's were they are already picked).

In other news the Monkey seems to be loving preschool. She's rather quiet about what goes on there but she's always so excited to go.

You know what's hard to explain? The difference between Sunday School and Preschool especially when the classes are at the same time of day, in the same building, and the same classrooms.  Which brings me to my next point, it looks like I'll be teachung Sunday School again. Sunday School, I just can't quit you.

There are other going-ons here.  GMac is soooo close to walking. He's cruising along furniture and walking while holding a hand, just not too sure about doing it independently.  He's also eatign table food like it's his job and loses it when Monkey gets a bath and he's not included.  He's a cutie. I think we've decided to keep him.

Monkey is start to insist on dressign herself.  Last week she wanted to wear a Little Miramid shirt and her sparkly CHristmas skirt to preschool. I nixed that one as she was only three days into preschool and we have an image to maintain.  Today's outfit (for our trip to storey time) was flower pants and a striped shirt which she proclaimed "matched Daddy!".

I'm 103% sure our A/C is broken but now that the temps are comfortable, I just can't bring myself to call. It may be the sensor in which case we'll be callign the first week of fridgid temps when it's reading one thing and obviously feeling another.

That's all for me chickadees. Maybe next time I'll get crazy and include a picutre.

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