Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday Update (not a weekend rewind)

I'm not rewinding the weekend because it didn't really seem like a weekend.

BUT, if you're wondering what sums up my weekend this is it...

Also, this post will be as long as the remainder of the Beachfront Bargain Hunt episode.  These peeps crack me up.

I'd tell you about how we're in the middle of super coldness and lots of snow, but half of the county is, so that's not really news. 

I told you last week that Monkey is in a major Rella and Ariel phase.  Now I am too.  Thanks a lot, kid.

I had a bowl of Miriam's (not) Award Winning chili tonight.  It was delish.  A hotter recipe won at our Church's Chili Cook Off.  I prefer Miriam's sweeter version. 

My recipe lost. But didn't come in last place like last year, more like middle of the pack (because C was there and but money in my jar). 

Since it's so cold outside and I don't have a treadmill, I'd like to take some kind of fitness class.  Problem. The Y (really, only class provider in town) doesn't offer any classes during the non-work hours.  Suggestions?

I've also considered starting yoga at home, but again, need good video suggestions.  If I had a treadmill I'd do the Couch to 5k thingy.  But I don't, so I won't. 

I read the end of the book I just started (always do) and don't really like the ending therefore I'm debating whether or not to continue.  

I see that most of Coastal South Carolina is shutting down in anticipation of some snow and ice.  sigh

I've recently made two soups, both very good, but not award winning (at church).  I'll share those as soon as my computer starts working a bit faster.  

Shows over. 

Nigh, nigh. 

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