Friday, January 24, 2014

18 months

It's been what, a year since our last update on Monkey's stats?

Wednesday was Monkey's 18 month check up.

Here she is pooping right before the doctor comes in. Which I knew was coming as she didn't wake up poopy.

Moving on...

Weight : 20.8 pounds
Height : 30 inches
Head Circumference : 21 inches

To summarize, she has a teeny body (less than 10th percentile) and a ginormous head - both literally and figuratively - (95th percentile).

Monkey was a mess at the appointment as she thought she was getting shots (which we were able to avoid due to a national DTaP shortage).

Here's what else she's been up to:
~ Talking nonstop and starting to string words together like "daddy work."
~ Likes to grab your hand and drag you all around the house/
~ Loves all animals, especially dogs. Knows most of them by name.
~ Loves to feed her baby, push her baby in the stroller, and bake her baby in the oven...
~ Enjoys music, dancing, and singing - while I am not musically gifted, C is and says she's on key (Grandma Elsea agrees). Her current favorite song is Dirty Paws by Of Monsters and Men
~ Loves Rella and Ariel.
~ Loves all foods and also hates all foods. What she eats one day she will not eat another day.
~ Calls all small children, even when most of them are bigger than her, "baby".

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