Monday, February 3, 2014

When do I find out if I won the $1,500,000?


I'm sitting here on vomit watch as someone (not me) ended her 18 month vomit free streak (with the exception of spit ups/coughing fits) last night. *sigh

I'm really hoping it's a one time thing/was the result of coughing/was something she ate (she has been coughing a bit AND had spicy salsa last night - at her request).

So since I'm at home (until noon thirty-ish) here's our weekend.

Friday evening we went to Easton.  C's mock trial team lost their regional competition (yay for having him home more, boo for losing) so we commiserated with BD's and Barnes and Noble.

On Saturday the Monkey let us sleep in until 8:40! We had pancakes and bacon for breakfast and even made it out for a walk as it was a balmy 40 degrees.  The rest of the day was spent enjoying not having an obligations and getting Roosters for dinner.

Sunday we churched and grabbed some Chipotle.  While Monkey napped I ran around town getting various groceries (as I can't seem to get everything at one place).  Then the Vansants came over for dinner and the Super Bowl. Except we didn't really watch as it was boring.  I also missed the Puppy Love commercial :(

We had a great time with the Vansants and Monkey enjoyed the play time with people who were not Mommy and Daddy.

Then I tweeted #esurancesave30 and but haven't heard if I've won or not.

Then this morning we woke up to the smell of vomit. It was gross.  Here the Monkey had gotten sick in the night and neglected to let us know, and instead just moved to the other end of the bed.  So we placed her in the bath (she was a bundle of tears, but I blame that on the shock of being woken up and placed right in the tub) and I called in sick for the morning.

So far she's had a little bit of milk and a piece of bread (which she is storing in her vomit bowl).

I feel so bad for her.  Except she doesn't seem to be feeling bad.

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Emommy said...

Kudos to the little lady for having the chutzpah to move to the other end of the bed! Can you teach my kids to do that? :)