Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekend Rewind: Pictures of Monkey

I'm sitting here watching last night's Sister Wives with Drama Queen Robyn who cries when she tells a story about running out of Cheerios. Seriously. This girl.

While I'm watching Robyn cry I'll let you read about our weekend.

Friday evening we grilled chicken (with delicious rub that my Dad and Mark brought back from Alasker Alaska) and sweet corn (which was some of the best of summer).  After dinner we went to Gypsy Joe's for some ice cream.  We took our ice cream and milk shake to the park to feed the ducks.  We threw a few pieces and showed Monkey how to do it.  Thinking she grasped the concept I gave her her own piece to throw.  A few seconds later I look over to see her watching us feed the ducks while she eats the bread I gave her to feed the ducks.  Maybe next summer she'll get the idea.  We also managed to swing and walk around as Monkey is now a huge fan of walking around (assisted).

It took use a while to get going on Saturday (well, I was up at 8 to let the dogs out, the other two were not) and spent some time playing around...

After we got going, C headed to Starbucks for a while while Monkey took her morning nap.  Once she was up we headed to the pool for our 2nd to last day of the summer.  Monkey loves the pool.  Baby pool or big pool. It doesn't matter. She'll take either.  C took her home for her afternoon nap which allowed me some solo time at the pool to catch up on my Peoples. 

Once Monkey was up we headed to Easton for a big girl stroller!!

She's still a bit small (her knees don't bend if she's sitting all the way back) but the stroller is much lighter and takes up much less space in the back of the car. Plus it's pretty. 

The trip to Easton was too much for Monkey and she fell asleep (holding her feet) on the way home. 

Sunday morning we churched.  The thing about Sundays and babies is that a 10:15 a.m. service isn't ideal for a girl who naps around 10:00 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. each morning.  Don't get me wrong, we've never skipped church for a nap (we have left to rock her to sleep in the Red Room), but she's always pooped by the time we leave around 11:30 a.m. 

We had grand plans of going to Waffle House until we were about a quarter of a mile away from church and looked back to see her conked out.  Change of plans and we grabbed Steak-n-Shake drive-thru (since we were already headed in that direction).

After Monkey's nap we loaded up for our last day at the pool. Again, she loved it. 

We came home for another nap and followed that up with after nap snuggles and snacks (the best). 

The evening was spent getting ready for the week (mowing, laundry folding, etc) and watching the VMAs in anticipation of the N'SYNC reunion.  However, once I saw Miley's "performance" and googled the definition of "twerking" (yuck) I quickly changed the channel to Duck Dynasty (I'm a full fledged fan!) and asked my sister to text me when N'SYNC was going to be on.

And that's that.  Robyn's done crying so I'm going to find something else to watch.  See ya tomorrow for a Farm update!!

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