Friday, August 23, 2013

I wanna talk about ME!




Monkey here (as if the hi's didn't give it away).  I love to say Hi!

You're due for a Monkey update and since Mommy hasn't even posted about my birthday, I thought once again, I'd take the reigns and tell you whats up.

For starters, I'm walking. Sort of.  I take a few steps here and there and have taken 10 at once for Ms. Kathy (my babysitter).  Grandma Davidson bought me real sandals to wear to the beach. By that time I'll really be cruising!

I've got lots of words to say now, too. Here's what I'm verbalizing...

Mama (for Mommy or any picture of anything)
Ruff-Ruff (doggies! - and cats...and mice)
Nigh-Nigh (night night)
Bubbles (my favorite game on Mommy's phone)
Shhh (be quiet)
Dees? (this?)

I don't like leftovers.  Not one bit.  Mommy packed some cheesy chicken potpie for Ms. Kathy's house and despite not being able to get enough of it the night before, I didn't want anything to do with it. Only freshly prepared food for this girl.

I don't like other people raising their voice (even if they are just trying to get someone's attention because I have poop running up my back).

I love the pool, being outside, and reading.

I've finally figured out how to go down the stairs (the right way).

At about 4:30 every day, I start to look out the window for Daddy.

I know how to take pictures on Mommy's phone. See?

Just in the frame. 

Getting there.

Just need to focus. 

There we go!

Ok guys, I better get going. I've got paper to shred and stairs to climb!


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