Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Gale, I am not.

If Grandpa Gale had seen my farm last week he would have said "How'd that happen?"

I don't know, Grandpa, I don't know.

Ok, I do know.  I didn't monitor it every day. 

The farm has been harvested and torn up.  The herbs (that weren't killed by the wild zucchinis) are all that remain.

Zucchinis were a bad idea.  I didn't have tons of them as much as they grew everywhere. They are hard to control.  

Here's the farm when it was first planted.

And here it was a few weeks ago. 

The Farm.

Which I plan on digging up and bringing inside this fall.

{Green Beans} 
I'm going to need some pesticide for these next years. The bugs are crazy. 
I never cooked any of them because I always ate them before I got them inside.

More beans.

Some kind of peppery lettuce.

More lettuce.

And even more lettuce. 


Killed by the zucchini.


Yum. Yum. Yum.

{Purple Basil}
They were out of regular. 

I don't even like tomatoes.

The crazy zucinnis. 
I planted these from seeds (most of the others were actual plants since I got around to sowing my crops a bit late this year. 


Baby Zucs 
(before they got too big)

Summer Squash

And here's the farm now...

The squashes grow over night. It's crazy. 

I had two normal zucs that I harvested before they got too big.  The other 5 looked like this...

The large knife and pacifier are for size reference. 

Once they are this big (we used the end as a cup) they are way to watery and not very good. The seeds were the size of pumpkin seeds. 

Next year I'm going to stick to what I can control.  Herbs, beans, lettuces, and corn (I've been told I can grow corn in my raised beds). 

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