Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I love me a good Conclave

Happy Pope Election Day!

I’m super excited about the Conclave starting today.  I’ve signed up for my white smoke alert text and email  and I’ve even adopted a Cardinal!

So while I’m pulling for Timothy Dolan of New York and Angelo Scola of Milan,  I am also now routing for Oscar Andres Rodriguez Maradiaga SDB of Honduras.

Let’s take a minute to meet Cardinal Oscar.

He’s 70 years old (born on our anniversary – the date not the year) and has been a Cardinal since February 21, 2001.  He currently serves as Archbishop of Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

Side Note: Big Red, wasn’t Maria from Honduras?!

And now for some Catholic stories (the good one is at the end):

:: I went to Catholic school for kindergarten and 8th grade (because FCA did not have a basketball team that year and I really want to play sit on the bench and score lots of 2 points).

:: My other mother and best friend (two different people) are Catholic.

:: One of our guilty pleasure movies is EuroTrip and one of my favorite scenes is the one that takes place in the Vatican.

:: My Cultural Anthropology Professor’s wife was Catholic and went to see Pope John Paul II lying in state in Rome.

:: C and I used to go to Mass in Chicago when we missed church on Sunday mornings (or wanted to go on Saturday nights) because (in my opinion) Lutherans and Catholics are very similar.

:: While Pope John Paul II was dying I skipped my math class (Methods which taught you to think like a 4 year old so you could in turn teach a 4 year old math) to watch for black smoke and then white smoke.  I wasn’t worried about skipping the class as I had over a 100% and didn’t even need to take the final.  What I wasn’t counting on was answering the phone while I was skipping class and Professor Champaign (who’s class I was skipping and who lived on Michigan Avenue!) being on the other calling to let me know that my homework was on the counter in the classroom and I could pick it up when I was over there.  I think she figured out that I wasn’t sick.  Also, the pope didn’t die during that 50 minutes.

Seriously though, I am so excited for this Conclave and am jealous that I can’t be there to watch because 1) I am not in the Vatican, 2) am not Catholic, 3) am not a man, and 4) am not a Cardinal.

May the best Pope win!

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