Monday, March 11, 2013

I can’t find my Vera Bradley sunglasses. Has anyone seen them?

It’s been roughly 20 days since we’ve last talked and I’m here to tell you I just may be getting the hang of this working full time and raising a kid and husband gig.  Emphasis on may be.

I thought I’d mark my return by having a giveaway! sharing our weekend with you.

Sorry to get you hyped up about a giveaway, but since my only readers are my family and I probably should save our money for landscaping - we have -10% of our yard landscaped. How do you have a negative percentage landscaped? You have a water line break (in September of 2012) and have the excavators pull up all your ugly old woman landscaping and also leave a long pile of dirt that looks like a grave for Abraham Lincoln and then leave it there until Spring – and potential kitchen overhauls.

Back to our weekend.  It was a normal one.  Well, as normal as it gets with a 7 (almost 8!) month old who likes to put anything and everything in her mouth, then gag on it, then throw it (and whatever else is in her stomach) up.

Friday evening we went to the Concordia University Chicago (a.k.a. Concordia) Wind Symphony concert at church. It was great to see our alma mater perform and doesn’t hurt that they are fantastic! Our school may not be the strongest in the fields C and I chose to enter (History/Political Science and Business Management/Political Science/Communications, respectively), but they rock and education and music. Even Monkey enjoyed the show (from the narthex).

After the concert we drove Dr. Fisher, the conductor, and his daughter to their hotel (he had no idea Concordia even had a Business Administration program or that they offered a Washington Semester program) and found out Dr. Fisher had never been a Jeep.  Imagine that!

By the time we got home it was 10:30 so I think we just went to bed. Maybe we watched t.v. I don’t remember.

Saturday morning I slept in.  Let me repeat that. Saturday morning, for the first time since probably October, I SLEPT IN.  It was glorious. I look back on that time fondly.

C rose at 8:00, fed the Monkey, took her to Starbucks, the library, and Sherwin Williams.

Once they were home we iChatted with Grandma and Grandpa Elsea and sent Monkey away with Aunt Emily so that we could paint the bathroom and upstairs hallway.

It was a long endeavor (and fortunately I don’t have carpal tunnel…yet) but the bathroom looks 100 times better (who in their right mind puts tan and black stripped wallpaper in a bathroom or any room for that matter?) and the hallway doesn’t have scraps of wallpaper stuck to the wall anymore.

Now if only we can muster up the energy and courage to clean, de-wallpaper, and paint our bedroom.  Then we’d be done (with painting).

After we were done painting we headed to Easton with Emily and Drew (and Monkey) for some Piada.  If you haven’t had Piada. Do. It’s divine. An I-talian version of Chipotle.

C went to Barnes and Noble while Emily and I hit up a few places looking for some work outfits for her new job.  Drew decided to go to T.J. Maxx.  He’s a self-proclaimed Maxxinista.
Sunday morning we went to church followed by Lowes to pick up some spray paint for the shower curtain rod (which I have now lost the pretty, glass ball end of) and look at bathroom towel racks and other householdy stuff.  We picked up a semi-health lunch from Panera (I may or may not have eaten a bear claw while standing in line waiting for our food) and headed home so C could watch Chelsea play. 

Fun fact: C chose Chelsea as his English soccer team of choice because it rhymes with “Elsea”. Yay!

While C watched the game I put a second coat of paint in the bathroom and at the same time regretted offering to paint it because of the pain it was causing my hand and the pain I knew it would cause when I took minutes all day Tuesday.

After the game C went golfing and I laid on the couch while Monkey took an hour and a half nap (she’s known for her 30 minute power naps so when she sleeps any longer than that we cherish it). I watched Ina throw a party for those who helped build her “library” (I noticed there were no manual laborers there, just bosses and interior designers, and also no Jeffrey).

When C got home we took a loverly walk (Sunday was gorgeous!) and grilled chicken for dinner.  We were also able to eat outside (even Monkey who sat in her Bumbo seat and ate sweet potato rice puffs – yum!).

We ended our perfect weekend with a trip to Witts.

And now it’s Monday again. 

Hope you enjoyed this weekend rewind. I hope to be back later this week (or later this month).   

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