Tuesday, February 19, 2013

where i've been

I'm sorry for the absence. I really am.  I miss you guys the blogger post screen.

I want to share with you our visits to Nosh and Husk in South Carolina.

I want to share my recipe for veggie pizza (read: today's lunch and dinner).

I want to tell you how creepy this picture is...

I want to share fashion (I think I've been doing better dressing myself now that I work with more than three people).

I want to share pictures of Monkey.

...and show you her first trips to the beach.

...and how she snorts now.

...and how she scooches around (like a little Marine).

I want to talk about UrbanDictionary's definition of "Rachel"

But I'm busy working and caring for our little Monkey (who is up from her 30 minute nap).

I hope to be back soon.

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