Monday, February 11, 2013

If you've never had a conversation with me, this is what most of them are like.

Good morning, folks!

My extended maternity leave (that's what I call unemployment when you have a baby) is over and I'm back to work today (new job, new hours, new fun).

C and I hit the road last Friday and headed to the beach. We took the Monkey too. I hope to share some pictures, restaurant reviews, and other things with you over the next few weeks but for now I thought we'd start the week with a conversation C and I had while sitting in traffic in Charlotte Thursday evening.

Rachel: That's weird, that car has NC State, Wake Forest, and Wake Forest stickers. Two stickers are a bit redundant.

C: I think it's nice.

Rachel: But it looks really weird.

C: That's really expensive is what it is.

Rachel: No, not more than ten bucks.

C and I sit in silence for a while.

Rachel: Oh, you're not referring to the price of the sticker, but the price of tuition...

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