Monday, December 3, 2012

Unfortunately watching made for t.v. Christmas movies doesn't pay the bills (but if it did I'd be a very rich woman)

22 days until Christmas!

I am SO excited about Christmas and can't wait to put up the tree, and decorations, and lights (but apparently I can wait because we must clean before those things go up and I've managed to put off cleaning for a solid 3 weeks now).

I'm addicted to Hallmark Channel Christmas movies.  They are the best.  Last night I watched a very realistic movie in which a boy needed a heart and there was one for him, but the medical flight wasn't allowed to land in Cleveland due to the snow storm so instead they landed on a street that was lit up with luminaries which were for the boy who needed a heart. Just like it always happens. I currently  have two on the DVR waiting on me. I'm all set to watch them tomorrow (shhhhh, C thinks I'll be job hunting).

I'm down to three days of work left. I really should look for a job.  Apparently only applying at two different places is throwing my eggs all in two baskets.

Where does one who doesn't really have a specialty start looking for jobs?  It's times like this when I wish I stuck with teaching or DCE'ing or nursing or hospital administration (ok, I never was studying that, but I thought about studying it).  At least then I'd know what I was supposed to do and where to look.  Right now I'm a Gal Friday. If it needs done, I'll do it.

Monkey is meeting Santa tonight. He's coming to church. So convenient for us.

That's all that's new here folks.  We're off to meet Santa!

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Emily said...

Thats so weird, that SAME EXACT THING happened on my street when I lived in Cleveland!