Thursday, December 6, 2012

I don't get all of my news from, just most of it.

Here's what I learned today:

1. McAfee Anti-Virus is named after it's founder, John McAfee.  McAfee (the person, not the software) is accused of killing his neighbor in Belize. I'm assuming he has a lot of money so even if he did want to kill his neighbor he could've hired someone to do it and paid enough to keep it quiet.

After reading six "paragraphs" and seeing his picture, I totally think he did it.

2. Jessica Biel enjoys being married because she has someone to swim naked with.  If only we all had our own pool which as secluded enough to skinny dip. And also, if only we all looked decent enough to swim naked.

3. Danny DeVito is working on his marriage to Rhea Perlman. I'm routing for them (but my hopes are low) if only because it will show that not every Hollywood relationship is doomed (with the exception of Ben and Jen). Also, with their height challenges they are perfect for each other.

You're my same height, that is neat.
Three points (which can be redeemed for an awesome prize) to the first person to name that movie.

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Emily said...

Orange County. Also, I'm rooting for Rhea and Danny because I love the movie Matilda.