Friday, June 15, 2012

Not a Fashion Friday

I think Fashion Fridays will be taking a hiatus until I can buy fashionable clothes again. I miss that. So here's what's been running through my brain lately.

1. Mister Fartlepants could be born on Friday the 13th. It wouldn't surprise me since we got engaged on Friday the 13th.

2. As I said up top, I miss buying (or even looking at fashionable) clothes. I cannot wait until I'm back in the regular clothing department.

3. Most of my hang ups (clothes, not personal problems) are in the basement as my closet hanging rack thing was pulled from the wall due to the weight of my clothes. This is fine because I currently only fit in 5 hang up items.

4. Since moving into the house, here's what hasn't gone as planned:
     A. Washer and dryer sitting on the porch for a week while the boys figured out how to get it down stairs, then finding out the dryer is a 4 prong plug and the outlet is a 3 prong (currently can't dry clothes).
     B. The refrigerator ice maker hook up didn't fit the line that was already installed.
     C. The refrigerator didn't fit in the refrigerator slot so we had to remove the counter and get it cut to size. 
     D. My closet hanging system pulled off the wall.
     E. In an effort to save $1 Not wanting to give the Post Office another penny (a lot like my views towards the library) I elected to not do our change of address online (because it costs $1) and instead opted to drop off the paper print out for the Post Office to input manually. I did this on the 31st. On the 12th we still had yet to receive any forwarded mail so I called the Post Office.Turns out they inputted us as "moved with no forwarding address." Um, no.

5. I'm enjoying Direct TV (mainly because they actually have their programs in 1080p, *cough, Time Warner, *cough), but am missing my Local on the 8's. My morning routine will never be the same.

6. I'm hoping to go to the pool this weekend. Which one I do not know since we didn't join The View this year due to not getting our moneys worth come July.  I'm really missing my pool time.

And I think that's about it.

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