Thursday, June 14, 2012

the sandwich gods have spoken

Back in the day (which was 2004-2006) when we were in Chicago, C introduced me to Jimmy John's.

I love Jimmy John's.  There is no sandwich shop like Jimmy John's. They put alfalfa sprouts on their #4 Turkey Toms (my sandwich of choice)!

So you can imagine my thrill when I woke up Tuesday morning, checked the EG online (it's part of my wake up routine: twitter, facebook, weather, "news") and saw that Jimmy John's will be opening on September 4th, right in the new building going up on Memorial (which I have been wondering about the tenants of since I saw the "For Rent" sign).

The article said that Jimmy John's is known for their "Freaky Fast Delivery" (and they are) and in order to maintain their "Freaky Fast Delivery" promise they have to turn down delivery orders that are outside of a two mile radius. 


Do we live within 2 miles? Even all the way out in the suburbs? 

I immediately googled Jimmy John's to the house (1.8 miles - phew - I knew there was a reason we went with that one!), Jimmy John's to my office (1.9 miles - even closer to the cut off) and for C, Jimmy John's to his office (also 1.9 miles).

I am in Turkey Tom heaven.

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