Monday, June 18, 2012

It's finally starting to feel like ours

As of 6 pm this evening we are still without internet (which was supposed to arrive last Wednesday), so the scheduled posts are coming to an end (as are the ideas for scheduled posts).

Maybe once we get internet I can share pictures that weren't taken with my iPhone but with our real camera. Ha. Yeah, right.

So here's how our weekend went down.

Friday evening we met my mom, Emily, and Drew at Fiesta to celebrate C's being elected to the district nominating committee (I'm kidding - about the celebrating part - he was elected, but we have no idea what that entails.) and then made yet another trip to Lowe's (we're slowing down on our trips, I promise) to look at grills and lawn fertilizer/weed killer).  We left empty handed (our bank account was happy) and headed to WalMart instead. They didn't have the grill that we wanted (or the t.v. that C wanted for his office so we headed home.  We took a quick walk around the new neighborhood and settled in the for night.

After sleeping in on Saturday morning we woke up to find the neighborhood yard sale happening outside.  C had been informed, but forgot to tell me (not that I had anything to sell since we purged everything before the move). We also scratched our plans for pancakes and bacon because yours truly is pregnant and wanted chocolate cream powdered donuts from Donut World. Best donuts ever!

The rest of the day was spent putting the house together but clearing off the counter tops in the kitchen (they do exist!) and clearing out the dining room (our table does fit!).  It took a lot of pushing on C's part (I wanted to nap!) but we got it done. 

Later that evening we went to my parents for an early Father's Day cookout of pulled pork, corn casserole, potatoes, and something else I can't remember. 

Sunday morning we made it to church and had lunch at Waffle House (C's choice since he's a Father now). Then we drove down to Logan to pick up the grill and t.v. and a few other odds and ends (for our hospital bag which I have yet to pack - I will pack it tonight, I will pack it tonight, I will pack it tonight...).

We got the grill tethered in the back of Drew's truck and the (small) t.v. tucked away in the second row and said a little prayer that the grill didn't fly off the truck on 33 like it did for the lady who had purchased one earlier that day (or so the Walmart men said). 

So let's get this straight. C got a t.v. and a grill for his first Father's Day. I really set the bar high for next year.

The grill was unloaded and put on the porch (and locked to the rail because I'm a pit paranoid someone is going to take it) and then I took a nap (because going to Logan is hard work).  We put a few more things in their proper places (china, etc) and grilled out for the first time since we lived in Canal Winchester. It's like we're real, grown adults (ha!).

We rounded out the evening watching golf and the NBA Finals (I don't know why I put myself through the torture) and calling C's dad to wish him a Happy Father's Day.

And that does it. We're thinking next week we won't have to do quite as much work around the house, but there is yard work to be done, and a hallway to be painted, and bathroom to be organized, and dryer to be adapted to the current outlet, and some baby stuff to do. So yeah, probably not. 

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