Wednesday, June 20, 2012

some good news (I hope)

Apparently we do not have 3G service in our house. At least not on the first floor. Which would explain why I typed a lovely 4 paragraph post last night on my iPhone and then tried to upload it through BlogPressLite to no avail (I also think there's a problem with the app).

So I'm trying again now (with the same subject matter).

The good news is that we are supposed to get internet tomorrow. Like, for real.  We know this because C called yesterday to see why we didn't have our router yet only to find out that our order had been cancelled.  Someone thought we didn't want internet. WHY WOULDN'T WE WANT INTERNET?!

The other good news is that through the call C was able to secure free installation.  We were going the cheap-o route and installing the router on our own because why spend $150 when you might be able to install it on your own? AND have an awesome tech-savvy brother who just landed an internship with ESPN. That's right, ESPN! The ESPN. Don't worry. I've already asked for a tour. Looks like Mister Fartlepants will be taking a road trip this fall!

Back to the internet. So it's coming tomorrow. We hope. Then I can get back to my life of live tweeting t.v. shows with the fam and @CGinPhilly (no link because I don't have real internet to do it) and can upload real pictures and pre-schedule real blog posts. Maybe you'll finally be able to see what the house looks like (which will also force me to clean). I'm sure you all are just thrilled.

Oh yeah, and we haven't gotten forwarded mail since we moved June 1st.  So, as C pointed out, we could be sued and the sue-er could get a default judgement against us because we didn't bother to respond to the summons (I think I got all that legalese right).  So if you want to sue us, do so now!  Except I confirmed with the post office today that our change of address is being input (for the THIRD time) and should go into affect within 7 days.

If only I coughed up the $1 to do it online the first time. Then it wouldn't have taken a month and name dropping and a few calls/walks over to the post office.

Now that the internet and mail issues seem to be resolved (or in the process of), that just leaves us with the dryer.

A four pronged cord doesn't fit in a three pronged outlet. Any (easy) suggestions? Oh the joys of owning an "older" house.

P.S. C went to Roosters for lunch today. He always goes to Roosters. Then when I want to go we can't because he just went there.

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