Thursday, May 3, 2012

Homeowner Pros and Cons (Part Three)

As I mentioned Tuesday, we are inching towards homeownership and should be closing at the end of the month *knock on wood*.  I've found myself getting a little sentimental about leaving the place we've called home for the last four years.  So I'm adding to the Homeownership Pros and Cons list. Trying to make it a bit heavy on the Pros so that I don't feel as sad.

If you need a refresher here's Part One and Part Two.

The outdoors space!

We can have pizza delivered!

Much quieter and much darker.

Can play ladder ball and corn hole and frisbee in the yard.

Can have Riley and Katie over without having to sneak them into the building.

Don't have to worry about setting off the building fire alarm when blowing out a candle.

No more two hour parking.

Don't have to walk down three flights of stairs to let company in.

Can have hanging flowers out side.

Can lay in the grass whenever I please (and look at the stars at night).

Can walk the garbage to the garage instead of down three flights of steps, pass the bar, and down the alley to the dumpster.

We can get a puppy!

Our bathroom tub at the apartment is SO deep.

Don't need to remember to replace the furnace filter.

Don't have to worry about hot water usage (or any water usage as the cost is built in to our rent).

Walk to work (I'm really going to miss this).

Nicer finishing than we would be able to afford in a home right away.

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