Thursday, February 16, 2012

Homeowner Pros and Cons (Part Two)

Last month I started compiling a list of my pros and cons of homeownership. If you need a refresher, check out Part One.

We're still trying to inch our way closer to the "American dream" (although C, for the life of him, can't understand why it's the "American dream" to own a home - he just doesn't get it) so my list is still growing.

Line dried laundry. I love line dried laundry.

Being able to set up a nursery for the baby to come home to (I realize this is more of a short-term pro, but right now we're in a nursery holding pattern).

Satellite TV. I cannot wait until the day I can call Time Warner and tell them there aren't enough free digital receivers in the world to keep us and we want to drop their services immediately. 

There most likely will not be a bar right next door.

We'll have different bathrooms to poop in. (This was C's addition. He likes variety)

We will get a puppy!

I'm pretty sure we're not going to find a home that's as energy efficient as our current place. We'll probably have gas bills to pay as well.

If something breaks, we'll C'll I'll we'll have to fix it.

Assuming we aren't right in town (which isn't where we are currently looking) we won't be able to walk everywhere - the library, Dairy Queen, the grocery, work. I think we've walked all over this town.

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