Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day Dinner at the Elseas

1. Dinner from Shanes Gourmet (our wedding caterer) - filet mignon, crab cakes, fancy vegetables, fancy mashed potatoes, caesar salad, chocolate mousse.
2. First meal on our nice china. Ever. (I debated even allowing C to use a steak knife on the "new" china.)
3. Aus Jus served in a creamer.
4. "New" Longaberger flatware received as a wedding gift that I hadn't pulled out of the box until last night because we only have four settings. It's super nice and now I want more.
5. Paper towel napkins.
6. Water and warm Coke to drink because I've been too lazy the last few weeks to fill the two ice cube trays we have.
7. Ketchup for the crab cakes.
8. Crap on the other end of the table - Hershey Kisses, a bowl, stickers, plastic bag, important mail I can't throw away.
9. Snowman decoration.
10. Scarf peeking out under the (closed - I was trying to tidy up the place) closet door.

We fancy.

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Emommy said...

LOVE. Looks awesomely yummy! Thanks for showing your table in truth. The only reason ours doesn't have random crap on it all the time anymore is because we have too many kids to make it feasible. :)