Friday, March 23, 2012

Fashion Friday: NYC and Philly Finds

I spent last weekend with my Mom, Dad, Emily, and Drew in NYC and Philly (pictures to come, I promise - I think).  I came home with some awesome finds.

1. Salt Pig. I found this little fella at Chelsea Market.  Now if I can just remember to get some kosher salt from the store to fill him.  I'm also going to name it. Any suggestions? 

2. Purple Sweater from Brooklyn Industries.  I can't find this on their website (probably because it was on sale), but it fits snugly over my bump and will be great this fall.  Emily got a black one so that we can be matchy-matchy.

3. Tote Bag.  This is going to be our diaper bag!  I'm super excited about it.  While it wasn't on sale I justified the purchase (rather quickly) since it's gender neutral, hopefully C won't mind carrying it around, and it's just plain cute.

4. Graphic T for C. This is also not on the Brooklyn Industries website (which I find very odd because it wasn't on sale).  He's a sucker for graphic t's so that's what he got.

5. Pot with Lid.  Ikea really knows how to name their products. Upon unpacking this the other day I realized the inside of the pot has measurement markers. Score!

6. Bag Clips. These are great (and cheap). I already had one bag but loaded up on one more. Maybe someday I'll buy something from Ikea that costs more than $12 (I'm referring to the pot, not the clips).

7. Rattle for Mr. Fartlepants.  Since we currently have no idea where we'll be living come July, I can't purchase the big baby things, but I can purchase cute little things I see.  Hence, the Busy World of Richard Scarry-esque rattle.  (I used to love to stay home sick in elementary school to watch the Busy World of Richard Scarry.)

Tune in next week when I talk about maternity clothes as I seem to have nothing that fits over my belly to wear to work...

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