Thursday, March 22, 2012

24 weeks: A Self Portrait

Over the past week C and I have been home together for approximately 18 hours (16 of which were spent sleeping). So we haven't had time to take the 24 week (I originally typed month - that'd be a looooong pregnancy) belly shot.  So today, instead of a team shot, I'm posting a self portrait. Enjoy!

How Far Along: 24 weeks
Size of Baby: 1 pound, the length of an ear of corn (which is apparently almost a foot).
Total Weight Gain: I'm getting bad at remembering to weigh myself (seriously).
Maternity Clothes: Yes. I'm in desperate need of some work shirts (short sleeved since it's pretending to be May outside). Hope to find some this weekend.
Gender: Still a surprise, although people are starting to place their bets.
Movement: Lots and lots. You can feel (and see!) little kicks from the outside.
Sleep: Must have my body pillow. It's a life saver.
What I Miss: Wearing my normal clothes. I'm resorting to C's t-shirts in the evenings just because they dont' suffocate my stomach.
Cravings: Coke Slushies :( and salads (again)
Symptoms: Pregnancy Brain.
Best Moment this Week: Taking Mr. Fartlepants to New York City and Philadelphia. This baby is quite the traveler already!

In other baby news, people are starting to place their bets as to what Mr. Fartlepants actually is so make sure to take the poll on the side bar under the baby countdown.

(This is just a picture of the poll, not the actual poll.)


Luann said...

That top is very slimming on you.

Emommy said...

LOL, Luann!! And YAY for movements you can see AND feel! (It's nice to have visual evidence so people don't think you're making it up. Not that people actually think that. I guess I was always paranoid that people though I was making up feeling the movements when Baby wouldn't cooperate i.e. give Daddy time to sprint across the room when I felt Baby kick). :)